So, I’m all ready falling behind

I know, but I have been working hard behind the scenes e.g. I have just added a gravatar after clipping it from another photo and adding background colour.

I have been working hard on my writing project for Uni and it is coming along nicely. I went to writers’ group last night and recieved some good suggestions. If you are a writer you should consider joining a writers’ group or if there isn’t one near you start one. Seriously, it is a great way to get feed-back, though a little confronting at first. But, if everyone gives constructive criticism there is a lot to be learned. Also join your state, region or national writers Group. I belong to WINQ’s (Writers in North Queensland. We are not an Incorporated Society just a loose group of people interested in all aspects of writing), also QWC (Queensland Writers’ Centre, have a look. It’s great.)

Re: the serial story – my plan is to post a portion each month then delete it and add another so if you want to follow you will have to make sure you keep track. I am busy doing a final, final edit so will post at the beginning of next month. April Fool’s Day…that would be right! Lol!

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2 Responses to So, I’m all ready falling behind

  1. Hah! Are we able to get a title for the serial story, at least? Just a little something until the first section is posted …

  2. rosepoetartist says:


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