The Writing Project

I am well into completing the necessary word count. It is working, I think, but I guess we will have to see what James thinks. I hope this is the beginning of a publishable novel. Lots of work to do yet, though. I wonder if I should let on at this stage what it is about. Not a full synopsis, you understand, but something to whet your appetite and make you look forward to reading the final thing. Hmmmmm…

Speaking of novels, I will post the serial title and the prologue soon, then start the novel proper in April. I am so nervous!

If you are a writer looking for a good guide book try “The Little Red Writing Book’. I am using it to go to sleep at night. No, no. that sounds all wrong. I mean, it is the last thing I read at night. Sorry Mark.There is another book of the same title, about the same subject matter by someone else but I haven’t read that one. I’m talking about the one by Mark Tredinnick. It is wise, useful, easy to read and to the point. I would be interested to hear about the other one though if you’d like to comment.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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