It’s been so long!

Hi there! and apologies if  anyone is actually following the stories here. I have been a bit down of the writing side of my life and not feeling that it is worth the effort really. Not that I’ve stopped writing I just haven’t felt that anyone would want to read it. That’s probably still true but my daughter, Genevieve, has told me I must do this blogging and get my stuff out there on the social media. So here I am again trying to rejoin the 21st century.

I will post the next chapter of Sinbad and a new short story when I finish this blog.

I am into the final term of my Masters degree and my Exegesis is coming along quite nicely. My supervisor, Barbara Brooks, is a gem. She has been most helpful and easy to communicate with. I have already handed in the first draft and got her valuable feedback. Draft 2 due on the 23rd of this month and I am on track to complete that easily. The final draft is due around the end of October. I will post the end result here.

You’d think that ought to free me up but no, glutton for punishment that I am, I have signed up for another course at JCU, “Academic and Thesis Writing Workshops”. It’s on every Tuesday for 8 weeks. I figure even if I never use it for my own doctorate I may get work editing Theses and other papers so I’d better get some idea of exactly what is required.

I am still working on my “Ruth” novel and slowly getting there. Yesterday (Sat 17th) I attended a QWC workshop on Crime Writing and found it very useful and Pam Newton the speaker was well prepared and knowledgeable. She an ex-police detective and has written a novel called “The Old School”, which won the Asher Award

I have done nothing with Sinbad or the fantasy one. I have written some new poetry and entered some competitions but have not even been shortlisted, still when I read the names on the short list it is little wonder mine isn’t up there. I’ll keep trying. They are pretty big comps so it takes a lot of time to get back results and I can’t publish until I get rejected. Lol!

Well, better get those new pieces up. See you soon. Rosa.


About rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose Novelist Poet Playwright Artist
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2 Responses to It’s been so long!

  1. Genevieve says:

    Glad you’re back online Mum!!! Keep at it and I can’t wait to read your latest works!

  2. Welcome back! I can’t wait to read your stuff (…and it’s always worth it!).

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