Just about done!

Well, I have finished the final draft of my final assignment for my M.A. Yaaaah! I expect no problems in passing. So, what to do now? I would like to work in editing or writing preferrably from home but I have thought I might try to find work with TAFE teaching Literacy or some such. We’ll see how it goes.

Soon I finish at Bluehaven Lodge in Ingham where I’ve earned enough to see me through my course. It will be kind of sad in some ways but I think 40 years of nursing is enough all ready. I shall then jump in my little car and, accompanied by Sinbad (my dog), set sail south to visit for some months with my darling daughter, Genevieve, and her new son, born just 2 days ago, while her lovely man, David, is away with the RAAF.

I will join a writers’ group while down there. It seems pretty active so am looking forward to it. I will be lovely to be in Canberra for the summer. I think the ‘Wet’ has all ready started here we had a big thunder storm here overnight and electricity went off a couple of hours ago and is still off. I am working on battery power at the moment.

It is time to post some new stories but it will have to wait until I have power. Hopefully not too much longer it is very humid and warm here, just now. Cheers for now, Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

2 replies on “Just about done!”

Thanks honey. What am I going to do now? LOl! Visit Gens. Try to get some work down there, since I’m staying for 4 months or so. Hope you can skype soon.

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