It’s Over

Well there I am. It’s all done and dusted. I have finished my masters and for my last assignment – another D. It still feels funny to me that a D can be good.

I will soon be tootling off to Canberra to play with my new grandson…and see my daughter , of course.

I have just posted Chapter 5 of Sinbad and also a poem.

I have done more work on my novel. It is quite a horrid story. Where did it come from? My dark self insists on being heard. Bwaah…waah…waah!!! (Or some sort of evil laugh.) My protagonist is one screwed up lady. Let’s hope she gets caught. Or stopped somehow. Surely, justice will prevail…maybe.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

3 replies on “It’s Over”

Congratulations, Master! Uh… not quite what I meant. It’s a huge deal to be finished a Masters and I’m so proud of you! I’ve been trying to connect with you now that we have a computer that isn’t full of strange viruses. Perhaps soon. Love you!

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