Short Listed!

I am so excited for my short play “Everybody Loves Me” to be short-listed for the Channai Short and Sweet Festival. Yes, that’s right I wrote a play. this is how it happened…In April I attended a work shop by Alex Broun, along with his other talents, a short play guru. With a fabulous group of budding playwrights, none of us had written a play before, I listened to his words of wisdom. Amongst other really valuable stuff we learned the importance of -Dialogue, Situation, Character, Dramatic Tension, Theatricality, and Surprise. We  did the writing exercises, had a few laughs and on the Sat. night went home and wrote our own little play. It is amazing how much dialogue it takes to get through ten minutes. Now, now, enough of that, I’m only talkative sometimes.The next day we were given the opportunity to direct a walking reading i.e. the actors acted the play and walked through it while reading from the scripts.

Here, I must thank the actors from Townsville Little Theatre, Outback Players and Props Youth Theatre, who were so generous with their time and worked so hard with us to produce our plays for showing on Sunday afternoon.

Anyhow, our plays went on and after each Alex spoke to its strong and weak points. Everyone did really well and we were all encourage to enter the Short and Sweet Festivals comp. So, of course, I entered. Each entry has a chance to be chosen at 12 different Short and Sweet venues around the world. Channai is the first of the 12.

I have fallen in love with this media. I find it very satisfying for the many me’s – writer, actor, bossy boots, etc. I have now written 5 short plays and entered 4 of them for consideration.

It has been great fun. Thank you Alex for sharing your knowledge. See what a good teacher you are!?!

Wasn’t that a long post? I am definitely going to try to blog more often. See you next time. Rosa


By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose - crime novels

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