Boo Hoo

Well, it has been a busy week following the excitement of FOOAP. I love amateur theatre and the Festival of One Act Plays is always great fun. I would audition for parts but live too far away to go in for rehearsals. I have overcome that problem by writing plays instead.

The sad news for the week is that my play was not selected for Chennei Short and Sweet Festival. Boo hoo for me. So…I wrote another one. Well, two actually, but I’m turning one into a longer One-act piece. I have about 20 minutes worth at the moment. I need 20 – 45 minutes, so I would like to add at least 10 minutes (which is the length of a Short and Sweet). Sigh! I can do this. I have never done it before, but I can do this.

I have given my novel Ruth In Pieces to two beta readers. I have heard nothing. Nothing. NOthing. I try hard not to be precious about my writing but what if it sucks!?!

I will not panic…yet.

I have started a follow-up novel. I’m told that publishers like you to have a second one in the same genre ready to go. I don’t even know where the first one came from. What do I have to do with madness (well, alright, I give you that one) and murder? I am a pacifist. I don’t even like horror (except Edgar Allan Poe). Who knew I had all this evil in my psyche? I’m scared…and what about my other novels?

Yes, I have two others in first draft stage. They sit there in the corner plotting my demise. Their pages flutter and whisper, “Come to us. Come to us.” I ignore them, of course. I know they will pull me into another world and I won’t be able to escape. It would be heaven to stop resisting and just let it happen, but I must get this second round of murders finished.

Which is why I must leave you now…ciao for now.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

One reply on “Boo Hoo”

The Short and Sweet comp is just one in trillions. Keep writing and sending to any others that take you fancy. Love the second last para.

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