The POT Society

We POTheads (Playwrights of Townsville) have just had our first meeting and it was great to see everyone again and listen to their latest efforts. We are all continuing on with our plays; entering and re-entering the Short and Sweet Comps. Some of us are trying our hands at One-act or longer plays as well. It is fascinating to listen to such a variety of tales from my other POTheads. We do try to work with what Alex showed us and help each other stay on track. There are many other things in the pipeline for us. It is exciting to write dialogue (with a few directorial instructions thrown in). I can feel the actress in me begging to be set free…maybe I will get back into it, but the logistics of being available for rehearsals are a problem.   I made myself write a new comedy piece. I had to. I was getting worried about surrounding myself with all that madness and murder. I had to find the fresh air and sunshine again.

On the R.I.P. front I am waiting on my Beta readers so I can tear my hair out, cry and get on with the necessary changes. I haven’t done much with the follow up one, too busy writing plays. The results and exhilaration are much more immediate. That suits my goldfish attention span. I will get on with the other but trust my muse to let me know when its ready to be written. All right, that is excuse making, I admit. I will sit down and concentrate…soon. But now I must go to bed. ‘Night, Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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