I have just witnessed the world’s most beautiful, fantastical, magical sunrise ever! It was amazing! I took a ton of pictures (here) but none of them do my vision justice. It started out as an ordinary walk along the beach at sunrise – beautiful colours and cold feet (it’s winter here and I had no shoes on). Then I came across some curlews in the shore front brush. I wandered back down the beach and sat on my favourite log and the magic slowly began as the sun rose. The wispy cloud above the sun slowly turned into a rainbow, like the aurora but without the fluctuations. I saw a multicoloured dragon’s head that morphed into a phoenix, then a skull and finally a wolf’s head. I watched for about 20 minutes until the sun was too bright to look at and I was seeing spots before my eyes. I laughed, clapped and said a prayer of gratitude. I don’t know if I’ll ever see anything like this again. I know I have never seen it before. Oh magic, magic morning! Have a look at the slideshow. I wish you could have been there and seen it. Cheers for now Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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