New 10 minuter

Well hi there! I am sad to report that even though I had the week-end off and all to myself I did not add to my word score on my new novel. Bummer! But, I do have a good excuse. I got side tracked and wrote a new 10 minute play. I do so love this medium. You may think getting one done in a week-end is pretty good going but again I have to confess, I did cheat a little. I re-jigged a short story and turned it into a play script. I think it worked all right. I’ll wait to hear from the POTheads about that. Our next meeting is in about 2 weeks, so will put it away and concentrate on the novel during that time. It is actually coming along okay, I’ve done about 18000 words and my characters are developing nicely. My protagonist is a nut (Now there’s a surprise!), but is she a serial killer? She is a sexual tease, but will her Psychiatrist resist all her efforts? The tension is mounting. How long to the climax? I have no idea. Jenny is totally unpredictable and keeps throwing me curve-balls. For instance, last week she tried to suicide. Why? I don’t really know yet but I think she is about to make some major disclosures…or not. She keeps me guessing. Other news – not much, just had Sinbad, the dog, sheared. Yes sheared. He is a minature labradoddle, so a little smaller than a medium dog. I have kept his wool. It’s like merino. Anyone know a good yarn spinner? Ha ha ha! I crack myself up. I haven’t written any poetry for ages, or done any painting. It’ll happen when its meant to. I can feel it building. Okay, it’s nighttime here so this is goodnight from me.   Cheers Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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