More good news!!

When I got home from work today there was a cheque in my mailbox. Yaaahhh! Apparently 3 of my watercolour minatures, showing at a recent exhibition at the Perc Tucker Gallery Townsville, have sold. Two were of The Strand pier (one in daylight, the other at sunset) the other was of a butterfly. Minatures in this case were approx the size of a postcard, which might not sound like much but can be very tricky and time consuming. So, a big thank you to the Townsville Watercolour Group who organised the exhibition. I have a big smile on my dial. It is 2am. I can’t sleep.

In other news I have entered two 10 minute plays in the Sydney Short and Sweet. Here’s hoping. Also Crash Test Drama is about to start here in Townsville. Read about it here. I have entered one there too. Come along on the 6th October if you can…and vote for mine, of course.

Haven’t written much of the 2nd novel but have been sorting the next chapter out in my head and will soon put it into writing. For RIP am still waiting for my beta readers to get back to me. I have thought of a lot of stuff I”m going to add/change but need to do other corrections first.

I’ve also sent a poem off to the Peter Cowan Contest. It would be sweet to win something for my poetry. I don’t do much poetry at the moment. Working to earn my mortgage is a pain in the…

I really should try to get some sleep so, good night, Rosa.

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