I may have been quiet but I haven’t been idle!

Yes, I know I promised to blog more regularly but I’ve been busy! Quite apart from my work-a-day job, to keep a roof over my head, I’ve been writing up a storm. I have to confess here that I haven’t done much with RIP (I’m waiting on my beta reader) or its follow up ‘Jenny’s Story’ but have done a few other things since my last blog in Oct. I will now bore you with a list of my activities since then. I entered a short story comp with Raspberry and Vine . I entered the Peter Porter Poetry Prize. I wrote a couple of 10 minute plays and edited/rewrote some others then put 6 into the 2013 Short and Sweet Festival Cycle. I edited a friends 60,000 word MSS. And edited/rewrote a MSS of my own, a SCi-fi/Fantasy, and entered it into the Australian National Seniors’ Literary Prize. The deadline is 30th this month, hence my head down tail up stance. Overall I’m feeling pretty pleased with my out-put so am rewarding myself by getting all dolled-up and attending the 1st Townsville Short and Sweet Festival’s closing night tonight. No, I don’t have a play in this one. I live too far out to be trotting back and forth to organise an Independent Theatre Co. entry, so I missed out…next time, maybe.

Before the end of the year I want to write another 10 minute play and by 19th Jan I want to edit my two one-act plays to enter in the Toowoomba Festival. And, of course, get on with polishing RIP and finishing Jenny’s Story.
Obviously, I didn’t get down to Melbourne for the launch of the AWAW 2012. I am a bit bummed about that, but it is a long way to go and so…
I’ll let you know how Short&Sweeet Townsville goes.   Cheers for now, Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

3 replies on “I may have been quiet but I haven’t been idle!”

Rosa! that is really impressive, well done you. I’ve just sent a piece to Commonwealth Writers in UK (($10k) prize which made me feel mercenary. And I’m going to work on Oldog Rap for S&S 2013, the dog will be more poetic and i’ll ditch a few details which don’t contribute lots. also, as Alex timed it at over 13 mins I’ll have to do some cuts, same went for Shadow. good for you, and I’d love to have a dinner next week. take care

Well done, Rosa, you’re so disciplined and committed…I’m in awe…I can only wish for a sprinkling of your motivation. Good luck with all your entries and writing projects. You deserve success!! When are the dates for Sydney ‘Short and Sweet’ (to view your’s and Bev’s plays)? Can’t promise anything cos of just having been on hols ($$$$$) but good to know details…just in case! 🙂

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