HELLO AND WELCOME TO 2013! I hope you all achieve the things you want in the coming year. My aim is to send RIP to publishers and garner some interest. I will do this! Also must get on with rewriting one of my 10 minutes into a full One-act for the Toowoomba Festival, which closes mid-month. This will probably stand as my play writing effort for this month. A lazy way of admiting I have no new ideas for 10 mins for Jan. but who knows what will happen.

To see the New year in I went to the Civic Theatre to watch their annual Revue. My daughter and her partner were singing in it (not together). They were great, of course. The whole show was very entertaining. My granddaughter was in the audience with me. Afterwards, we went outside to see the local fireworks. I love fireworks! So pretty! I wanted to post a slide show on FB but can’t figure out if that is possible so I’ve done it here.

Towards the end of Feb. I am off to Sydney to see my play put on in the Short and Sweet Festival and then on to Canberra to visit My daughter, S-I-L, and grandson. I only have about a week of leave accrued but may take two. Still deciding.

The follow-up to RIP, Jenny’s Story, is coming along slowly. All these festivities are getting in the way. Although still a psychological murder mystery it is in quite a different style and I am enjoying the protagonist much more. She is a very disturbed young woman. what will become of her?…She has already told me but you will have to wait.

Must get to and put up the slides. Not as gigantic and showy as some but so pretty!

Ciao for now, Rosa.