Inspiration from strange places

Writing to you from Canberra where I am visiting my grandson, daughter and son-in-law. Today it is less than 20 degrees and I am feeling it having come from Nth Qld where it was like 37 before I left. The grandson, William, is a delightful 16 mth old, full of life and fun.

I came south for two reasons. The first was to visit those above but the other was to see my 10 minute play ‘Everybody Loves Me’ on stage as a wildcard entrant in the Sydney Short & Sweet Festival. The young director also played the lead role, a seventy something woman. No exactly as I envisioned it but his interpretation was interesting to watch. I was a little shocked when he killed her off in the final scene, but it did set going my imagination and I have now written my Feb. 10 minute play, where Ruby does die but gets up to a lot of mischief in the nursing home first. So, thanks David. Now I have to concentrate on what to write for my March play. My play didn’t win anything but my friend Bev’s play, ‘Shadow Talks’, came third in both the judges awards and the People’s Choice. Well done Bev!!!! In fact, I am left with great pride in Townsville’s contribution to this area of the arts in Australia. You rock Townsville!

In the mean time, I have finished the edit of RIP following my final beta reader’s input. I will put it aside for a while then re-read, re-edit and maybe send it off…maybe…no, I will…maybe.

I am still writing the follow up, ‘Jenny’s Story’, which is coming along slowly. I am also editing one of my daughter’s (Sonia) novels. It is a cracking story, well told and I am enjoying working on it.

Hope you are all writing up a storm, Rosa.