New old watercolours

So I have just added a few new pics to my watercolour page.

I found a sketchbook with a few quick sketches from my trip to The Centre in ’09 and Ross River Dam in ’11 and a couple from Canberra visit. The pelicans I finished recently for a friend and the koala you have probably seen before but I was never satisfied with her face and so have reworked it. I like it better now. What do you think?

Writing-wise I haven’t done a lot but have started re-editing ‘The Fifth Era’ my fantasy novel. I am still waiting to hear about ‘Ruth In Pieces’ so that does not look too hopeful now does it? Sigh!

I tried writing a poem the other day but it is a bit of rubbish really. I will look at it again over the next few weeks, but am pretty disgusted at the moment.

I have not been feeling like myself lately and I find I cannot write well or at all when I’m stressed. Or, perhaps I mean that I cannot make myself start. Of course, it could be that I am just being lazy and making excuses. I will get back to work some time soon, I promise. Cheers, for now, Rosa.

P.S. Have any of you been following all the to do about Graham Nunn’s plagarism? Yikes!

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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