Egg on Face

Well, here I sit egg dripping down my face and off my chin. It seems I got it wrong last time and my plays were not automatically in the running for Sydney’s Short and Sweet Festival It was all dependent on whether a director wanted to pick up the play. So, the result is that only one of them was chosen ‘The Violin Player’ and in the Wildcard section. Which is still good! Just not exactly what I prematurely boasted about…Blush!… Lol!

I have been busy editing for various people…one day it will all pay off. I actually enjoy editing, though I sometimes think the authors groan at my copious … suggestions. If I do work for you please remember it is all only suggestions. You the author have the final say. If my editing makes you angry or discouraged I’m sorry but you asked for it. I work hard and spend a lot of time to try to help so if you don’t want my critique don’t ask.

Well, I didn’t expect that to turn into a rant. I’m not angry, truly. I am a bit stressed, though as I am now unemployed. I’m sure to pick up something soon but in the meantime…AAAAARRRRRGGGGGhhhh!

I have done a bit of writing e.g. I wrote a 10 min play, my first in a long time. After I get some feed-back I might enter it in S&S 2014. I re-wrote a short story for entry into Commonwealth Writers comp It is a bit weird and dark but then it is by me.

I have just finished a painting commission. The child of a friend. I worked in pastel for the first time in a very long time. It was good to get back into it but it is a messy mediun. I think it worked well. Will have to wait and see what she thinks. If she approves I will post it in my art gallery so you can tell me what you think.

Hope you own world is sailing through space unimpeded and you arrive safely.

Cheers, Rosa

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

4 replies on “Egg on Face”

Oh, yes, that’s still good, maybe even better for the fact that a director had to want to take it on and one did. So a big congratulations for that.

I know you put a lot of time and effort into your crits and if someone is put out by what you say, it’s probably because they’re new at the writing game and don’t yet understand how to take constructive criticism, they’ll understand with experience.

Thanks Dale. And yes I agree, it gets easier to take crits over time, in fact, it is frustrating to get only ‘oh, thats lovely’. some people are never satisfied. Lol!

That is still pretty darn, awesome, Mum! It’s great that a play of yours was picked. I’m so proud of you!

Also, I completely agree with you about the editing. To be honest though, in my experience, you’ve never been as harsh as I expected you to be. Criticism can be tough, but constructive criticism is absolutely vital to hone one’s craft, and I am SO thankful you took the time to comb through my manuscripts. You’re right, though. If people don’t want to hear it, they really shouldn’t ask for it.

Love you tonnes!

Thanks honey. I know and am thrilled but a little nervous after what happened last time. Lol

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