I’m chuffed!

Yes, I am. Why? Because over the last couple of days I’ve written about 15,000 words. I have finished my follow up novel to RIP. Well, finished is an exaggeration. I have the basic story written _ beginning, middle and end. Whoo hoo! Of course, now I have to make the characters believable, supply lots of telling detail, throw in some red herrings and I will have a reasonable first draft. I will then start passing it around for comment but only to those able to cope with murder and mayhem.

I have entered any number of comps over the past weeks. But, there will be no news on those until the new year. I pulled out a number of short stories I’d written over the past few years and rewrote like a demon and probably screwed up the lot of them. Lol! Ah well. At least I tried.

I hope you dear readers have a happy holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  Rosa

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6 Responses to I’m chuffed!

  1. Lynn says:

    Congratulations Rosa. I’ll look forward to reading it.

    • rosepoetartist says:

      Thanks Lynn. I have been stymied for some time with how to tie it all together, so am hugely relieved to have it done…sort of.

  2. Yay! That is worthy of celebration.

    • rosepoetartist says:

      Ta Sonz. I am going to celebrate tomorrow with some friends here at the beach…oh yeh, that’s for Xmas. Lol!

  3. dalefurse says:

    I agree. Good on you, I can’t wait to read it either. And have fun in the longer haul of re-writing, lol, it takes me ten times as long as the first draft.

  4. rosepoetartist says:

    Yair, it’ll be a bast! I actually quite like going back over it. It is always amazing how many errors I find and even more amazing how many my beta readers find.

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