22nd March

I am busy painting for an exhibition on 22nd March at Gail’s Place.


I have just finished this one of a red-headed kingfisher, inspired by a photograph by Ian Montgomery I found on Australian Parrots and Birds.

What do you think? I love birds and I love painting them as well. I am painting a Gouldian finch at the moment. It is a strange thing but when I start I have no idea how i”m going to manage to find the bird on the canvas, but somehow he emerges and I am blissed out. No seriously, my BP drops to about 90 systolic and I float for a couple of days before I start my next project. I am usually pleasantly surprised that it is my hand that has done the work. How could that be? It excites and intrigues me.

Anyhow, ‘peace’ people,  Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

4 replies on “22nd March”

Looking good Rosie O’Day 🙂 and I love how you add a bit of nursing jargon in your

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