Yes, the exhibit and evening around the log fire has been postponed because of the rainy weather. Never mind, I got some painting done in the run up and can relax for that for a bit.It will be all happening at a later date. I’ll let you know the details as they are decided.

However, I’ve had a good idea for a 10 minute play so will spent the coming rainy days fleshing that out. I am basing it on a short, short story I wrote some time ago. I will then save up my pennies and enter it in this year’s Short & Sweets.  Speaking of which, I still haven’t received the film of ‘The Violin Player’. I will have to contact the company and what is holding things up.

One of my beta readers for ‘Jenny’s Story’ has got back to me and given some really useful feedback and some much needed encouragement. I have to say I am actually rather fond of the characters in this story. They let you in much more than ‘Ruth’ did. She is deliberately distant. She doesn’t fit in this world and has all sorts of jagged bits hanging out. She is already broken and has given up. I feel for her but she is definitely a difficult personality. Her back story is interesting and you can have a peek into her past here. Please be warned that, though there is nothing to offend in the excerpt given, parts of RIP are not for the faint -hearted, so don’t go there if you are not prepared for a dark story which includes sex, and death – important parts of life.

I have been doing some hard thinking about my earlier decision to change to a Pen-name for RIP. It feels all wrong for me. Should I be ashamed of the content of my story just because it is raw and confronting, because it is uncomfortable? I’m not ashamed of it but I don’t want to offend people close to me. But, hiding behind a pen name won’t work anyway. I’m still me and I did write the said novel. I don’t know what to do really. I will have to think on it more. It shall probably remain a moot point anyway, unless I get a publishing contract. It’s all too hard at the moment          Later guys, Rosa.

4 replies on “Postponed!”

Lots of authors use pen names when writing in different genres and some don’t. Just leave this genre as you if you want to. The story is yours no matter which way you go.

Who wants a publishing contract anyway? The big 5, 4, 3? trads are putting their bets on their proven big sellers. If you are offered a contract, it will probably need a careful going over by a good contract lawyer or at the very least, you should join the ASA and let them have a look at it.

Hang in there, Rose, and enjoy the writing process.

Thanks hon. I hear what you are sayin’. Think the rain got in my brain for a while. I think I think too much sometimes.

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