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Wanting to write, but…

I have this urge in me to write but for some reason I can’t settle to do that. I have lots of excuses, like the most painful sciatica for the past fortnight and being tired after work and being busy painting and all the gardening that needs doing at the end of the wet and ….. Well, you get the picture. I am feeling frustrated and wondering if it is all worth it. This too shall pass but it hurts to butt your head against a brick wall so often.

I have started plotting out my historical faction…a little. And my alter ego Percy Rose has edited (again) Jenny’s Story. Still waiting for Beta reader 2 (better not mention any names here) to send me her thoughts. I, I mean, he wants to start sending it to publishers before the end of May. Yes, I’ve decided to stick with the pen-name. Sweet, little, old ladies don’t write such naughty, naughty books, so Percy the pervert is born. Look at some of his novel ‘Ruth in Pieces’  here.

As I said I have still been painting, which is my form of meditation and keeps me sane. Here is a little watercolour of Balgal Beach where I live.  Cheers, Rosa.


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IMG_5691So my goldfish turned out to be some type of bridal fish, and she doesn’t look too happy about it. The colours in the photo aren’t very true and I couldn’t fix them properly, so close enough will have to be good enough. I fiddled around with the tail/veil too much and am not entirely happy with the effect, however it is reasonable enough to make a pretty decorative piece for someone’s wall somewhere.

I haven’t done any writing again this week, but I did relearn my poem ‘Until Death Us Do…’ and performed it on Friday night at Gail’s Place. Of course, I stuffed it up a little (the memory not being as good as it once was). It was interesting to perform after such along time of doing nothing on stage…good thing there was only an audience of 1. Lol!

I think I have got painting out of my system for the time being and will now settle to writing my next novel. No, it’s not a murder. I thought I would try my hand at historical fiction. I will however, not be holding back if I feel the scene needs sex or violence or, god forbid, both. It will all take place in this part of Australia, North Queensland. That is all I’m saying for the moment. It may never get off the ground, but it is there in my head and I need to put it on paper.

Time to take the dog to the beach, so….see you all later, Rosa.