Wanting to write, but…

I have this urge in me to write but for some reason I can’t settle to do that. I have lots of excuses, like the most painful sciatica for the past fortnight and being tired after work and being busy painting and all the gardening that needs doing at the end of the wet and ….. Well, you get the picture. I am feeling frustrated and wondering if it is all worth it. This too shall pass but it hurts to butt your head against a brick wall so often.

I have started plotting out my historical faction…a little. And my alter ego Percy Rose has edited (again) Jenny’s Story. Still waiting for Beta reader 2 (better not mention any names here) to send me her thoughts. I, I mean, he wants to start sending it to publishers before the end of May. Yes, I’ve decided to stick with the pen-name. Sweet, little, old ladies don’t write such naughty, naughty books, so Percy the pervert is born. Look at some of his novel ‘Ruth in Pieces’  here.

As I said I have still been painting, which is my form of meditation and keeps me sane. Here is a little watercolour of Balgal Beach where I live.  Cheers, Rosa.


About rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose Novelist Poet Playwright Artist
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2 Responses to Wanting to write, but…

  1. Beautiful painting, Mum! And if it makes you feel any better, I’m having trouble settling in to write as well. Maybe it’s something to do with the moon, or something.

  2. rosepoetartist says:

    Thanks honey. Yes, that’s it!…I’m a lunar-tic…

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