Long time no see…

From my home - Beautiful Balgal Beach

From my home – Beautiful Balgal Beach

Hi all, I was going to apologise for not writing sooner but actually think you should be, and probably are, grateful that I don’t bombard you with stuff.

I am now at the point where I am seriously thinking about self publishing The 5th Era. I have been putting it off and putting it off but my friend Percy Rose has challenged me. Apparently he will publish Ruth In Pieces if I publish 5th. I don’t know though. I don’t know how. All that new stuff to cram into my cranium! And apparently I have to have a ‘strong Platform’ to spruik from. I think he is just making these words up.


Percy says he has sent Jenny’s Story (The follow up to RIP) to a publisher and if he doesn’t get a positive response from that he will independently publish early in the New Year. Bit of a scary way to see the New Year in. So, I guess, since we shook on it, I will have to follow closely on his heels. Or, maybe even beat him to it.

In the meantime Percy has put an excerpt from Jenny’s Story up on his facebook page. He has an evil mind. His characters are so warped. I asked him once why he wrote such difficult, even upsetting stories. He just shrugged and said, better on the page than acted out. I stopped asking questions.

LOL! I just had a look back at past posts and apparently I haven’t even told you about The Fifth Era. So, let me change that right now.

This book is a fantasy sci-fi with a Dreamtime twist. Yes, you guessed it. The action takes place in Australia…sort of. I do have some concerns about using Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, sort of, in my work but there is nothing in the story that is not freely available. I will have to wait and see if I get any complaints. I will post a few excerpts here to whet your appetitie so millions of you purchase the complete book….not today though.

You may wonder why I am in such a flurry of activity. Well apart from the challenge tossed out by Percy, yesterday I went to visit my sister and fellow author Dale Furse (The Wexkia Trilology, fabulous read) and we got to talking and talking and talking. She definitely thinks independent publishing is the way to go. And, my daughter, S.M. Carriere (The Serphime Sagas – Summer Bird and Winter Wolf) is big on the whole independent publishing thing. So, I guess with these fine authors encouragement I will push through all my doubts and just do it.

I will now go search for a suitable excerpt…                                     Ciao for now, Rosa

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7 Responses to Long time no see…

  1. dalefurse says:

    Ha, don’t blame us. But seriously, we writers can’t wait our entire lives for one of the big traditional publishing houses to come to their senses and realise what they’re missing out one. 😀
    If you do go the self pub route, I wish you sucess big time. 🙂

  2. If you need any help, let me know! It’s not an easy decision to make, and it shouldn’t be. Not every path is good for every writer, so you really have to weight the pro and cons of each before deciding. A LOT of research is required. I can help with that!

  3. Lynn says:

    Hi Rosa,

    Were you thinking of self-publishing hard copy, print on demand or eBook? If an eBook, now that I’ve got the process licked in Scrivener it should be relatively easy (hope that isn’t famous last words!) and I’m certainly happy to help you with it.

    Cheers Lynn

    • rosepoetartist says:

      Thanks Lynn. I will take up your offer. I had no idea you could do it through scrivener. I shall probably choose all of those options…why limit yourself, right?

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