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I have decided it is time to update my site here at WordPress. I have no idea really how to go about this so will be winging it. I need something fresh and eye-catching. I also need to tidy up my gallery and other pages so it it is better presented and effective. I have asked myself if I ought to have a number of different blog site for my various interests, but I can barely keep up with one so that won’t work at all, as you well know if you know me or have read any of my previous blogs.

I need my Art Gallery with its different genre pages, then there is my poetry, my short stories, my plays, my fantasy-type novels and let’s not forget my alter-ego’s (Percy Rose) murder writing. Oh, and I nearly forgot, I have sort of stated a memoir i.e. I’ve written a number of shorts of largely disparate vignettes of my life. I have no idea how that book will eventually look or be put together.

Where do I start fixing my blog? Do I have to close down the site to effect the changes? Should I get a completely new address? You can step in and help me out here anytime, thanks.

I know how I will be spending this lovely, cloudy Sunday…probably tearing my hair out. Deep breaths and in I plunge…Ciao for now Rosa.

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Back home

Well, here iam back home in Townsville and happy to be breakfasting on The Strand with the view above. You have to admit that view is hard to beat and as good as and better that a lot of places I visited dostellawn south. Having said that I had a great time away (thanks Stella , you’re a stellar friend.)

It is cool and cloudy here today and ppreparations and damn detours are being set up in readiness for the big Airshow over the weekend. I’m actualy here to put my poor little car in for a service. It did a sterling job for my journey but about 15 mins from home I got a flat, not just a puncture but a truly shredded tyre. A call to RACQ and all was put to rights but I arrived an hour later than planned and was completely exhausted…maybe I should give up long road trips….

Now I have to decide what I’m going to do about my research problem. I have one more lead to follow up then I’m just going to go ahead and self-publish anyway.

Yes I know…self-publishing is a difficult row to hoe butI did it for the anthologies of the writer’s group I used to belong to some years ago so I can do it now. I just have to brush up on the whys and wherefores and ta da…

For today I will simply kick back and enjoy a day of leisure while the car is in its day spa.

My god! it’s a beautiful day here, hope you enjoy yours…   Ciao for now,  Rosa.

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Rocked back to Rocky

Yes, here I am back in Rocky bumming off Stella again. I got in at around 2:30pm after 6hrs driving. It is quite a nice drive but I was exhausted and lolled around until Stella got home from work. Then we went out to a birthday party for one of her theatre friends. As you can see from the photo it was fun, and that Logie was heavy.

I did no writing or thinking about writing… well, not too much…

I’m leaving for the long haul back to Townsville on Sunday. I shall be glad to get home..but then I’ll have to mow..

Time for bed   Ciao for now   Rosa.

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Research is a waiting game…

Weeeeeellll! No luck today nobody wants to talk to me regarding the Pyramid it seems, and nor does anyone from the Kabi Kabi.

I am terribly disappointed and will keep trying but if I still have not been contacted by the time I’m ready to publish then I will just go ahead. Everything I’ve worked from is freely available on the net and  I write without malice or desire to insult. I write simply time intrigue and entertain.

I drove out to the Pyramid site hoping that someone would be in touch before I arrived . No such luck and it’s private property.

So I drove out to Rainbow  Beach, where part of the novel takes place. The countryside is lovely and the sea beautiful. I didn’t find the rainbow sands  though. I need a guide I think. I will have to come back more prepared next time.

I’ve had a good if unfruitful time..tomorrow I return to Rocky then Sunday back to Townsville, grooooaaannn…

Sleepy times now… Ciao   Rosa

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A very quiet day

Well,  it started out well. The chap I spoke to about setting up a meeting with some Kabi Elders emailed for some details about my books to pass on . I answered with a rather long explanation then waited all day for a response…nothing and still nothing…sigh…

Well see what tomorrow brings…

I spent the day doing some editing but generally lazing around. Enid, my host Sherree’s mother, left today to visit family out West so there is now only Sherries me and the animals…that’s about as exciting as my news gets today. Sorry to be a bore.    Ciao for now   Rosa.

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Searching for the Kabbi

So the plan was to go into town, find the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, make some contacts and have some serious talking about  the Kabbi people and their law n’ lores…no biggie, right?

So, started out  at the information Centre… Dawn falling asleep …can’t see straight…

Well, here it is 5:30am and I  am awake at last. I’m sitting up in bed under a lovely you big do on a  (it’s a chilly 12C out there) looking out over rolling hills an bushland, listening to the hirds. I’m sipping hot coffee and contemplating my naval. Sinbad is out pretending to be a country dog. He really loves this place.

Soooo, where was I last night….oh before that I must tell you a funny story….yesterday morning I’m sitting out on the verandah having my second coffee and wondering where everybody was as it was 8:30am and I’m thinking ‘What a lot of lazy sods.’

Shearer, the host appears and starts talking (She talks a lot) Mention that she is expecting someone at 8:30 and I look at her in surprise and say, ‘But it’s 8:30 now.

Eerh, no. It was 730. I had forgotten to alter my clock when I had to reset this phone a couple of weeks ago. Which means I have been getting up very very early, like 4:00 early. No wonder I’ve been so tired.

Anyway, yesterday the Information Centre…they couldn’t help me. They didn’t know any of the local custodians and ,no there was no local cultural centre…really? REALLY? Perhaps I should try the library. No, no luck there…perhaps the Primary Health place. The young woman there very helpfully took my name and said she would pass on my number to someone who might help.

Defeated I gave up the chase for the day.

I went Coles and bough a stack of food, went back to Linga  Longa and spent the afternoon preparing a  Middle-eastern feast for Shearer and her Mum…yum. it was excellent, even if I do say so myself.

In the mean time, a chap called Henry phoned and he is emailing me this morning to set up a meeting with some Elders. Yaaah! So, I am back on track and rearing the go.

Apologies for being a bit late with this blog but after a couple of wines all those early mornings finally caught up with me and try as I might I could not keep my eyes open.

It’s ciao for now from me…

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Writing retreat

Well, I am now in Gympie, more or less. I’m actually staying at an Airbnb place called Linga Longer just 15 mins  north of Gympie. I’ve never used airbnb before but will certainly do so again. It is a very nice home and Sinbad and I have been made to feel very welcome. It is on 5 acres and very peaceful.

As I was lying back in the hot spa (with aroma therapy) I thought, what a perfect place for a writing retreat.

I’m going to town tomorrow to try and chase up a few leads. We’ll see how that goes. But if worst comes to worst and I  dont get to talk to anyone at least I will have tried. I’m a little bit excited.

I left a lot of stuff at Stella’s nothing important just like you know Sinbads food and water bowl my hairbrush…lol. Ah well…it’s an adventure after all.

I tried to edit some of my poetry this evening but it was much more interesting to talk to my host Shearer and her 82 year old mother. They are some kind of interesting…


Nightie night..Rosa

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Today it was Sinbad turn for an adventure. No , not the bloke in my novel…my dog. Heloved it as you can see. Stella and I took him to the beach at Emu Park. He had a great time. Running in, around and under people’s feet, then for some inexplicable reason pooing right next to some poor young woman lying on the beach…How embarrassing!  I had to bag his work and carry it with me until we got back to civilization and rubbish bins. Eeeuuuuw!

He had a new friend to annoy and harass.  Nappa is the pet of Stella’s son and was great fun to back and jump at until he got jack of Sinbad boundless, bounding energy.

After a long walk on the beach, and several sorties into the sea , we walked along the beachfront Broadwell celebrating the ANZACS – plaques, billboards,sculptures and other installations. A lovely and tiring mornig.

After a short rest we were off to pick white and purple mulberries at some Stella’s friends place. They we were delicious…

Home again and a few celebratory drinks later, we enjoyed the berries in smoothies before retiring. Which is now…I’m so tired. Night night, Rosa.

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Filmmaking and Poetry

Well, WHAT A DAY! I started out by giving my very helpful opinion re the colours my friend and her man should choose for their new home…they did ask…bwaaa.ha.ha.ha…

Then went to see a couple of display homes. Had lunch by the river. Then…

I watched as my remarkable friend participated in the making of a film. 5 Rockhampton playwrights submitted plays and a chap called Ian turned them into screenplay and is making the final product into a feature film which will be entered into the various film festivals around the world. Not only is Stella acting in the film but 2 of her plays format part of the story. See, told you she is amazing. Oh, the movie is called Lost and Found. They’ve almost finished filming and now must cut and edit. Out on the big screen in 2017. How exciting!!

And, tonight I went to an amateur entertainers open mike night at this amazing venue in the city centre. It’s this huge warehouse turned into a bar seating tables etc and stage. In the forecourt they have a bunch of pop up restaurants – oven fired pizza, Indian, chinese …i had an indian mushroom curry with the extra hot chilli sauce…man that was good.

I also read 3 of my poems to a very polite audience…ie  they didnt throw anyhing at me. It’s been a while since I was in front of an audience…pretty nervous!! It seemed to go OK.

All in all a satisfying day…

Oh and to top things off…I  very bravely booked accommodation in Gympie through Airbnb. I’ll let you know how that goes when I get there on Monday. For now I must go to bed and get some much needed rest.  Ciao for now  Rosa.