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Today it was Sinbad turn for an adventure. No , not the bloke in my novel…my dog. Heloved it as you can see. Stella and I took him to the beach at Emu Park. He had a great time. Running in, around and under people’s feet, then for some inexplicable reason pooing right next to some poor young woman lying on the beach…How embarrassing!  I had to bag his work and carry it with me until we got back to civilization and rubbish bins. Eeeuuuuw!

He had a new friend to annoy and harass.  Nappa is the pet of Stella’s son and was great fun to back and jump at until he got jack of Sinbad boundless, bounding energy.

After a long walk on the beach, and several sorties into the sea , we walked along the beachfront Broadwell celebrating the ANZACS – plaques, billboards,sculptures and other installations. A lovely and tiring mornig.

After a short rest we were off to pick white and purple mulberries at some Stella’s friends place. They we were delicious…

Home again and a few celebratory drinks later, we enjoyed the berries in smoothies before retiring. Which is now…I’m so tired. Night night, Rosa.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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