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Searching for the Kabbi

So the plan was to go into town, find the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, make some contacts and have some serious talking about  the Kabbi people and their law n’ lores…no biggie, right?

So, started out  at the information Centre… Dawn falling asleep …can’t see straight…

Well, here it is 5:30am and I  am awake at last. I’m sitting up in bed under a lovely you big do on a  (it’s a chilly 12C out there) looking out over rolling hills an bushland, listening to the hirds. I’m sipping hot coffee and contemplating my naval. Sinbad is out pretending to be a country dog. He really loves this place.

Soooo, where was I last night….oh before that I must tell you a funny story….yesterday morning I’m sitting out on the verandah having my second coffee and wondering where everybody was as it was 8:30am and I’m thinking ‘What a lot of lazy sods.’

Shearer, the host appears and starts talking (She talks a lot) Mention that she is expecting someone at 8:30 and I look at her in surprise and say, ‘But it’s 8:30 now.

Eerh, no. It was 730. I had forgotten to alter my clock when I had to reset this phone a couple of weeks ago. Which means I have been getting up very very early, like 4:00 early. No wonder I’ve been so tired.

Anyway, yesterday the Information Centre…they couldn’t help me. They didn’t know any of the local custodians and ,no there was no local cultural centre…really? REALLY? Perhaps I should try the library. No, no luck there…perhaps the Primary Health place. The young woman there very helpfully took my name and said she would pass on my number to someone who might help.

Defeated I gave up the chase for the day.

I went Coles and bough a stack of food, went back to Linga  Longa and spent the afternoon preparing a  Middle-eastern feast for Shearer and her Mum…yum. it was excellent, even if I do say so myself.

In the mean time, a chap called Henry phoned and he is emailing me this morning to set up a meeting with some Elders. Yaaah! So, I am back on track and rearing the go.

Apologies for being a bit late with this blog but after a couple of wines all those early mornings finally caught up with me and try as I might I could not keep my eyes open.

It’s ciao for now from me…

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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