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Research is a waiting game…

Weeeeeellll! No luck today nobody wants to talk to me regarding the Pyramid it seems, and nor does anyone from the Kabi Kabi.

I am terribly disappointed and will keep trying but if I still have not been contacted by the time I’m ready to publish then I will just go ahead. Everything I’ve worked from is freely available on the net and  I write without malice or desire to insult. I write simply time intrigue and entertain.

I drove out to the Pyramid site hoping that someone would be in touch before I arrived . No such luck and it’s private property.

So I drove out to Rainbow  Beach, where part of the novel takes place. The countryside is lovely and the sea beautiful. I didn’t find the rainbow sands  though. I need a guide I think. I will have to come back more prepared next time.

I’ve had a good if unfruitful time..tomorrow I return to Rocky then Sunday back to Townsville, grooooaaannn…

Sleepy times now… Ciao   Rosa

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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