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A pat on the back for me…

Good news… 1st Prize and one of the consolation prizes for yours truly at local art expo and comp…yaah! Just the pick-me-up I needed.

Unfortunately the rainy weather kept people away in droves which was disappointing. However as a bonus I sold all my stock of my poetry books…so all in all feeling pretty chuffed with the weekend.

I know, once again,it’s been an age but I am still wrestling with my computer which has now locked me out and is not recognising my password.

I am tapping this out on my phone and quietly going mad…madder.

I actually have quite a bit to talk about but will make a number of small blogs over the next few days..weeks? Because this is driving me nuts…

I would put up the paintings but the setup is quite different on the phone and I can’t figure out how…I’ve found add media but it won’t add from my gallery…so sorry…maybe I’ll have my computer fixed by the next blog but don’t hold your breath…ciao for now…Rosa


By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose - crime novels

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