Hello there!

You’ve missed me, I know. And, I’ve been wanting to get back to this blog but find the state of the world affecting the state of my mind. It’s a cruel and unlovely place out there at the moment, therefore it is pretty bleak inside me. I am truly thankful for all the wonderful loving people in my life and know that I must concentrate on enjoying the moment.

I have been wondering how to not sound like I’m constantly on my soapbox and yet still have opinions and observations about the world we live in. So, following on in the same vein as my last post, I’ve decided to let my poetry speak for me. You may hate my poems and despair of my lack of erudite learning and structure, but I hope you will still appreciate the impetus of my words.

This idea makes me nervous. Exposing my poetry to FB criticism is a bit scary even though I’ve self-published a lot of it, I still have no idea if its any good; impostor syndrome in full flight.

In line with the above sentiment I will leave you with this thought, I AM A WRITER THOUGH NOT YET A SELF-SUPPORTING ONE… ciao for now, Rosa.

An autumn leaf falls

I pat my faithful dog

She sees me through a cloud.


By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose - crime novels

2 replies on “Hello there!”

Hi..Thank you for your interest. Hope my next poem doesn’t disappoint…Rosa

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