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Dying to Escape

Let’s talk about dying. It seems to be a popular subject amongst my friends lately and the vexed question of euthanasia rises time and again. I’m not about to pop my perch but that doesn’t stop my imagination…enjoy.


A half-remembered face looms
out of the swirling mist
that once was memory
the plaintive voice booms and
echoes in now empty chambers.

Who is calling me? I want to stay
stranger stop dragging me back
into a world of harsh reality
my worn-out body is just a shell
though it has served me well
I am ready to leave it behind.

They insist I must remember
why must I?
surely that time has passed
and I can rest at last
they prod in an effort to jog
those elusive thoughts into
it frightens me and worries
at the edge of my mind
to find gaping holes in the
landscape they describe to me.

The more I study and search
the holes the larger they get
until I am engulfed
lost in their darkness
haunted by scary half-thoughts
fragmented pictures part
of some forgotten yesterday
that no longer interests me.

I am so close to heaven
I can hear and see angels
I must turn my back on
what has passed
so I can step unencumbered
into the world of light
that is,…just…out…of…reach.

(c) Rosa Christian





By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose - crime novels

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