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Getting Older

Well, I am still a little preoccupied with looking at what happens as we age. Alzheimer’s is one thing that concerns me and I’ve tried to imagine how it feels for the person whose mind is not co-operating……The line breaks have not imported properly, how annoying! And, when I try to correct it I have double line breaks because I have to hit return after each line…Oh well, you’ll get the idea I’m sure…


The restless wind wandered through the coconut grove searching, searching but unable to remember for what. The sighing she-oaks shivered and shook
before the threat of his impatient anger.In his frustration he flung handfuls of leaves;
kicked small stones; shoved and jostled the shrubbery. Where? What? Why couldn’t he remember?

The ocean whispered gentle assurances on the shore but the wind slapped his calm, smiling face;
rode his back; harried and bullied him ‘til he roared. Now equally agitated the sea threw himself on the sands,biting and gouging in an effort to be free. The wind leapt from the white horses’ backs. Where? What? Why couldn’t he remember?

The Gods laughter rumbled and rolled across the heavens
‘til tears of mirth fell from their well-fed cheeks.
As they watched that wilful wind hurl himself at the foreshore they threw spears of laser-light, chasing after min as he dashed and crashed about in a paroxysm of frustrated fury. What a fine joke to steal his memory and send him searching.Where? What? Why couldn’t he remember?

Plunging inland he wrestled the mighty forest trees; breaking limbs; tossing weaker opponents to the ground;
running in circles; slamming heedless against mountain- side;
scrabbling and clawing his way over all barriers. Screams of aggravation set already nervous hearts palpating.
Wearied and spent he fell to his knees sobbing. Where? What? Why couldn’t he remember?

Ra shined his rosy countenance down upon him, comforting and warming the exhausted traveler.
He lay still and slept from daylight to sunset.
But as the sun slipped away the wind stirred sleepily. He shuffled off to wander through the coconut grove.Where? What? Why couldn’t he remember?

(c) Rosa Christian