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The Future Will Wait

I’m feeling reflective as one does at this time of the year, so I am posting this poem, which I wrote after the birth of my first grand-child. I now have 5 little darlings to fill my cup of love so I’ve reworked it a little. Hope you enjoy.

The Future Will Wait

My child, as you look at your child
Know thisis how I feel about you
Your pain is my pain
Your laughter a song in my heart.

My child, I see you hold your child
And remember the smell of you
Your joy is my joy
Your smile echoes up through the years.

My child you’re  so special and unique
A genetic blend in a bold spirit
The best of the best
Your power and grace is yours alone.

My child, as you sing sweet lullabies
My mother’s voice whispers in my ear
Her smile is your smile
Her strength and pride lend you support.

My child and beloved grand-child
Enjoy every moment in the now
The future will wait
Fill today with love, joy and laughter.

Step toward tomorrow lightly, with pride
Knowing I will always be close by
Real love IS eternal
Share it freely. It is its own reward.

(c)  Rosa Christian