Cozy Mysteries

Well Hi there, from my alter ego Percy Rose.

First, I have changed the colours etc of my site. What do you think? Too busy? I would like to knock back the colours of the background picture so its kind of like more of a watermark but there isn’t any way to do so. Do you find it interferes too much? Behonest.

I have decided to delve into the stormy seas of  Cozies. I am definitely in uncharted waters, but with the guidance and advice of my sister and Author Dale FurseI am determined to give it a go.  Dale is very modest but has a good knowledge of self-publishing.

Oh yes, I have decided to self publish, I think. Going the traditional publisher path takes ages just to get all the agent enquiries and then submissions, then edits, then printing and distribution. I could be looking at years and years and I’m not getting any younger folks. (I know, I know I don’t look a day over the last time you saw me, but …)

I have done the first draft of the first in a series I’ve titled Beaufort’s Landing. Book one is titled Selma and Donkey.

Selma is in hiding. Her sister gets murdered. Who dunnit?

I have so much enjoyed writing this … It still needs lots of work but time to let some beta, beta readers have a look-see. So I’ve put my pen down for the moment.

I have a question for you should I have a seperate website for Percy or is having me as a tag on to the other me, Rosa Christian, working. I don’t have the foggiest, so help me out here.

I am also trying to change this site to make it more easily negotiable and appealing. So, wish me luck.    Ciao for now, Rosa, er, Percy.

By rosepoetartist

aka Percy Rose

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