Here it is…

Well hi there, here it is 4th January 2021 and I am only just getting round to wishing you all the best for the New Year. Look after yourself and others, stay safe and keep others safe. You and they deserve at least that.

I would like to say that the reason I’ve been so slack is that I’ve been soooo busy…but that would be a lie. I mean I have done and am doing things but not at anything like a hectic pace. In fact, I’ve slowed right down. I didn’t realise I was needing to ease back until I did, I have spent a lot of time sitting around on my own except for my darling Sinbad.

This is Sinbad

I live in tropical North Queensland and it is the rainy season, The Wet. It started raining a couple of weeks ago and has barely stopped, consequently my garden has reverted to jungle and the Triffids are taking over my house starting with the back verandah. I can do little about it until we get a spell of dry, which doesn’t look likely any time soon. There is a Low in the Gulf to the N.E. of us, which is not likely to impact us much except for … you guessed it, more rain.

Artwise, I haven’t done much over the celebration season, but I did some Christmas gifts for the Grands. I can’t show you yet because the southern group haven’t received theirs yet. And, I have started a new sort-of commission. You’ll see what I mean when I’ve finished. I’ve also done a small mock-up of my next Percivals entry. I think it is a hoot, but you will have to wait 2 years to see it, haha.

I am working to put out my next poetry book, am slow getting it off the ground, as arranging it for Vellum is a pain in the butt. I’ll get there but jeez I wish they would do a special poetry book set up. I need more control than the present set up gives me.

And am about to enter a short memoir piece in a comp. I’ve read to a couple of people who have been very kind but methinks they aren’t exactly unbiased. Ah well, time will tell.

So that’s about it for now. How about you what are you up to, what do you have planned for the New Year? Remember to take the time to take time. Ciao for now, Rosa