I have painted and drawn for a long time but came to writing late. It all started with a poem I wrote to explain one of my paintings, and away I went. In 2013 I completed my Master of Arts (Writing) at James Cook University. I had never been to Uni before and loved it.

Since then I’ve written a few novels – A Historical Faction, A Scifi/Fantasy and most recently drafted the first book in a Cozy Murder MysterySeries. (None yet published but soon self-publishing), numerous poems, short stories, plays, and Children’s writing. Oh, and am working on a memoir (in short stories). I’ve won some awards and had a short story and poems published.

Yes, I know. I’m all over the shop. I can’t help it. The ideas just keep coming. I love writing and becoming absorbed in my latest project keeps me sane in these insane times.

As you can see I still have a lot to say and have a lot to aim for. Do not think for one minute that I am not serious about my writing. It is not something that the old lady does as a hobby. I will be successful and continue writing until I can no longer do so.



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