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February already:

Don’t you just hate how time disappears: one day we’re all shouting Happy New Year, next its well into February! Anywho, here we are.

My Rosa Christian Desktop is terribly untidy and scattered atm, but I’m getting there. Percy Rose is doing better and Rosie O’Grady is working on her new website.

My grief refuses to be lassoed and tamed, but patience will win the day.

I haven’t done a lot of new writing, except for a couple of poems and some short story exercises, so here is a reminder of some of the books available from Rosa Christian at Amazon.

Do you ever go back over stuff you’ve done and get a laugh out of it? I found a recording of the title poem for my first ever foray into self-publishing, My Fish Loves Me. I did try to add it here but must upgrade and pay a fee to do so. Bummer…ah well.

Ciao for now,


More on Kids Lit…

I’ve done the covers for all 6 of the children’s Uh Oh Series and written all six manuscripts and done their weird little illustrations. The age target is 5 – 9 year olds, though I’ve had good feed-back from 10 years. Some people like my stick figures and some hate them. Luckily the likes are mostly kids, so that gives me hope.

Don’t worry that dark bit at the bottom is not on the actual illus.

I’ve been trying to sort how to format this type of thing on Vellum. I’m finding, however, that it does not give me the flexibility to do exactly what I want (this goes for the poetry too) e.g. I want the page breaks where I want them. I want the lines to stay indented and/or placed where I decide. I would like to be able to change the fonts as and when I like. However, I realise there are limits and I truly am grateful Vellum for all you do, because you do make formatting the novels very easy.

Is anyone else out there using Vellum and having similar difficulties? How’s it going for you? Do you have a program where this is easy to do?

I have spent hours in front of the computer trying to force the program to bend where I know it cannot. Consequently, I haven’t done much writing though I did enter a poetry contest and a short story competition…Yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to do so any more, but I can’t help myself sometimes.

Look after yourselves, stay Covid aware.

Ciao for now, Rosa.

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In My Head

Hi all, I don’t have too much time as I gear up to my first gig at giving a workshop. I’m getting a bit nervous…Lord, I hope I don’t bore everyone …no, no, no….I’ll be fine…Won’t it?…sure it will…no worries…right?

Ha! In a week’s time it will all be over and I can find something else to obsess about. What? You don’t know about the workshop thingy? Well, let me tell you..Nah! Just read the flyer below…

Beautiful Balgal Beach has plenty of camping/caravan sites. Come and make a week-end of it. You’ll fall in love with it.

On the writing front, I am slowly getting back into things, but right now I have to leave

P.S. Here is something a little strange that came to me last week. ENJOY!


It’s 3 a.m. and there is a bored meeting going on in my head. All the big-wigs are there, the minor feelings and senses will follow their leaders without thought or hesitation. Even if they have to be pushed into it a little, they will obey because that is their nature.

The Nerves are here tuning up under the pessimistic baton of Anxiety, who has obviously been drinking the heady nectar of Worry-wort. She has The Nerves singing in discordant rounds of where, when, why and what ifs.

Let’s see. There’s the CEOs of the Office of Emotions, Happiness and Anger; arguing as usual; Happy is annoying Anger by singing and laughing at the slightest provocation. I’m with Anger, Happy can be sooooo aggravating, but there’s no need for Anger to indulge in all that shouting and hyperbole. She’s being downright rude. We all tell her to pull her head in. Now she sits slumped in her chair, staring at the desk, arms crossed over her chest, ignoring everyone, refusing to speak even when spoken to.

The Department of Commonsense has sent along Strength, Perseverance and Endurance, who support each other through the toughest of times. They have no problem with each other, except that Strength can’t understand why the other two need propping up all the time. She can be a terrific bully if not held in check. Endurance is going on and on about her trials and tribulations. Perseverance doesn’t say much, just nods until she’s dizzy, falls off her chair, picks herself up and carries on as though nothing happened. She’s a bit weird like that.

The Bureau of Neatness and Order is here, holding hands as always. They are Siamese twins. Order tries to ensure we are all in the correct place and take our turns in giving our opinions. Neatness follows behind straightening the pads and pencils obsessively. She wipes up spills over and over, and frankly, gets in the way of our business.

The triplets Confusion, Disinterest and Inattention, are flicking spit-balls and tossing paper planes at everyone else. They keep getting out of place and mucking up all the hard work of the others, while their big brother, Chaos, rubs his hands and laughs at their antics.

The noise level in here is awful. Everyone wants their opinion to hold sway, but I can’t sort one out from the others. I do wish Confusion would shut the hell up. I’m getting a headache.

Oh dear, that’s animated Anger again. She is trying to shove Happiness out, but instead has opened the door to Sadness, who’s moaning and wailing, drowning in very real and sometimes imagined lakes of despair. She over-rides all other voices for a moment, but Strength, Endurance and Perseverance have taken her in hand and led her to her chair. Her noise abates, with only the occasional hiccup and wiping of a tear to let me know she’s not too far away.

Anger raps the table loudly, and into the following stillness says, ‘I’m sorry…

Uh oh, ‘schlop!’ a spit-ball stings Anger’s cheek and a paper plane lodges in her wild and woolly hair. She loses it; grabs daydreaming Disinterest, pinning her to the wall. Confusion washes over them both and Inattention leaps into the fray pointing to Sadness who is ramping up to a howl, again.

Happiness has gone AWOL.

Anger shakes off her assailants and lashes out at anyone and everyone. She takes a memory off the wall and bashes them with it until the original, true picture is unrecognisable, just another weapon in Anger’s armoury. Meanwhile, Pandemonium rushes in and eggs them all on. The noise level rises.

My head is going to explode. Strength, Perseverance and Endurance stand back against the wall, trying to keep out of the way and stop Sadness from taking over the podium. Papers, abuse and fists are flying. Water-colour memories, already faded and misty with time, are irreparably damaged. Strength wants to bash heir heads together, but Endurance and Perseverance convince her to stay strong.

Chaos has torn up today’s agenda, and throws the pieces into the air like confetti. The Nerves are strung out, plucking at the high, sharp notes. Anxiety winds them up to fever pitch, making every breath an effort, every muscle quivers.

Self-doubt is standing in the corner, where she has been hiding in plain-sight the whole time. She’s staring out at the madness from her self-imposed gloom with large fear-filled eyes. She’s being poked and prodded by Anger and Confusion. She sends out a warning tremor quickly followed by a tsunami of negativity.

Hurt creeps in and hugs both her and Sadness, assuring them they have every reason for their over-the-top reactions. Hurt settles but continues to tremble in an ague affecting the whole body.

Despite the cacophony in my head, my ears pick up an early morning trill. I open my windows to see a small light touching the horizon of a new day, slowly easing out darkness.

Calmness floats in on the slow sunrise. She hugs Anxiety, eases the baton from her tight-clenched fist and conducts The Nerves to a slower, more easeful beat. They respond slowly, loosening their grips and lightening their touch. Calmness now wafts around the room touching first one then another of the more disruptive elements. Confetti and paper planes drift to the floor.

Pandemonium and Chaos slink out the door as Neatness and Order sidle back in, just in front of Kindness, Hope and Love. Neatness sweeps up the debris and places pads and pencils back on the table, just so. Order rights the overturned chairs and directs us all to take our rightful seats, whispering, ‘There, there. We all have our parts to play. We just have to know our place in the pecking order.’

Calm talks from the notes of the morning chorus; the warble of the magpies, the raucous call of cockatoos, the soft cooing of doves and pigeons and the cheerful ‘chip-chip’ of the sunbirds.

Happiness, who had fainted clean away, is revived if not fully restored. She is paler and thinner than usual. Kookaburra fills her with a feast of ribald laughter, fey enough to make anybody smile.

With Calmness now reigning at the head of the table, I speak. ‘Let’s go for a long walk in the crisp morning air through the natural world. The path lies clear before us, all we have to do is tread it. But, first…group hug!’

Endurance is first on her feet, a most willing participant. Perseverance and Strength are close behind. Sadness and Hurt join Anxiety in moving more slowly forward; wanting comfort, but afraid they will get lost, or even killed in the crush. Neatness and Order check the room for stragglers and step up. All of us are encircled by the gentle embrace of Calmness, Hope, Love and Kindness. We move closer together, coalesce into a whole. Happiness rises from the centre.

I embrace them all, reassured that they each have their part to play in my life. If we stick together we can conquer anything. We walk as one into the call of the new day.

Look. It’s not always this mad in here, but yesterday was hard; things were said, injuries sustained, old wounds re-opened. The many me,s needed the promise of the new dawn to bring in The Calm, which allows Kindness, Hope and Love to enter. (c) Rosa Christian


Working at Art

So, this week – did you notice I said week? That’s because I have decided to make this a weekly chat. No, seriously. I know I’ve said that before but I’m really going to make an effort this time!

Anyhow as I said,..this week I’ve decide to show you some of the effort I’ve been making to get better at oil painting. I purchased some lessons from the U.S. by E. John Robinson, who sadly has passed. The utube recordings are copies of videos I think because the colours are not very distinct. Luckily E. John talks about colour as he demonstrates. I am enjoying the process, though it does feel a bit weird to be painting American trees and scenes because I’m from Australia. I wish E. John was alive as I would love to have met him.

The two below are from his landscape series :-

The one below is a Canadian Scene from a photo sent by one of the ‘lations over there. I am currently searching my archives for Australian inspiration.

Not too bad, if I do say so myself. Let me know what you think…

Ciao for now,


P.S. I have found a painting to do and have made a start…beautiful, isn’t it?


Here it is…

Well hi there, here it is 4th January 2021 and I am only just getting round to wishing you all the best for the New Year. Look after yourself and others, stay safe and keep others safe. You and they deserve at least that.

I would like to say that the reason I’ve been so slack is that I’ve been soooo busy…but that would be a lie. I mean I have done and am doing things but not at anything like a hectic pace. In fact, I’ve slowed right down. I didn’t realise I was needing to ease back until I did, I have spent a lot of time sitting around on my own except for my darling Sinbad.

This is Sinbad

I live in tropical North Queensland and it is the rainy season, The Wet. It started raining a couple of weeks ago and has barely stopped, consequently my garden has reverted to jungle and the Triffids are taking over my house starting with the back verandah. I can do little about it until we get a spell of dry, which doesn’t look likely any time soon. There is a Low in the Gulf to the N.E. of us, which is not likely to impact us much except for … you guessed it, more rain.

Artwise, I haven’t done much over the celebration season, but I did some Christmas gifts for the Grands. I can’t show you yet because the southern group haven’t received theirs yet. And, I have started a new sort-of commission. You’ll see what I mean when I’ve finished. I’ve also done a small mock-up of my next Percivals entry. I think it is a hoot, but you will have to wait 2 years to see it, haha.

I am working to put out my next poetry book, am slow getting it off the ground, as arranging it for Vellum is a pain in the butt. I’ll get there but jeez I wish they would do a special poetry book set up. I need more control than the present set up gives me.

And am about to enter a short memoir piece in a comp. I’ve read to a couple of people who have been very kind but methinks they aren’t exactly unbiased. Ah well, time will tell.

So that’s about it for now. How about you what are you up to, what do you have planned for the New Year? Remember to take the time to take time. Ciao for now, Rosa


It’s over

Well, our little group’s art exhibition is over and I hereby declare it a resounding success. The A@RTeam have had their 2nd annual show and I couldn’t be prouder.The team of 14 artists joined forces and gathered together their works (a wide variety of subject matter, genre and media) and with the help of our local Rollingstone and District Community Association and the support of our wonderful community put on an event we could all be proud of.all of this despite Covid 19 restrictions and strictures. Well done all!

Many artists made sales, including myself who also got a commission.

Our set-up was a little unusual as we don’t have a gallery as such but the ever resourceful administrator and her helpers once again rigged up an innovative way to hang the paintings, as you will see in the photos below.

It Went off without a hitch and we remained Covid safe. We calculate that we had at least 190 people through over the weekend, which is a good turn out for our community. Thank all those who came and helped make it the success it was.

People’s choice went to Anne Walsh

for her fine monochrome workAfternoon Shades

Runner-up Peter Simpson had two paintings come in with the same score.

Both lovely works, I’m sure you’ll agree. Congrats again Peter.

A@RT is now busy organising our next event, but more news on that later. Ciao for now, Rosa.


Not about Art, or Writing or Politics, or Covid.

My friends,

             I haven’t said much lately, but feel I must speak out…no, not about world affairs, the current Covid situation, or any other earth-shattering, momentous subject. Mine I fear is a purely 1st world problem, even if driven by a lack of funds.

My problem is with my kitchen countertop ‘transformation’. Yes, you heard me. It is a piddling problem I know, but I want to warn you DON’T DO IT.

Look, I want you to know that even though I’m an, er, older woman I am not useless and not allergic to some hard yakka (that’s work, for my overseas readers). In recent years I have painted rooms, wallpapered rooms, laid floors, tiled floors and been reasonably pleased with the results, even if they weren’t perfect, even if it was a lot harder than I expected, even though I’ve wanted to scream and swear in the doing: I would be prepared to do it again if necessary. However, I will never do the countertop transformation again, unless I have a hoard of helpers off camera cleaning, the mess, re protective covering the floor and cupboards and supplying sets of look-alike clothing so I look fresh and unscathed every moment.

It is NOT as easy, clean and tidy, controllable, time-saving, or simple as the how-to video claims. Admittedly, they did suggest having two people working together (then showing only one person at a time working on it), but I live alone and am stubborn enough to think I can do just about everything. Despite being only one, I contend, I should still have had reasonable success.

Let’s go back to my original, small kitchen, I’d show you a photo of the before, but I didn’t take one. Silly me. It is L-shaped about 10 feet long. It was pink. Hideous. Not bright pink, mind, but euch. The cupboards are a kind of motely, pale pink. The handles were brass, but I painted them black in preparation for my shiny, new, black (sorry ebony) benchtops. The original benchtops were a brighter deeper pink toned down a little by grey flecks. Now, you may think that’s not so bad, but personally I HATE pink in my house. Pink is for wearing, not for plastering all over the inside of your house. Ahem, sorry.

So, months ago I bought the box of transformation; everything you need to make your easy transformation in one week-end, except for the other stuff you’ll have to buy like – dropsheets, tape, two different sorts of rollers, paint scraper, paint brushes x 2, paint trays, cleaning cloths, face masks, eye protection, gloves. Okay, I can and did absorb those costs; not without grumbling a little, but I gathered all needed tools and sat on them for months. I was nervous about trying (if only I knew, before I laid out the money), what if I screwed up – never mind it would still be cheaper than buying and installing new ones, right?

I watched the video a couple of times in the intervening months, and umpteen times on the appointed days. I thought in my hubris, I can do this. So, finally, I girded my loins and made a start. I cleared and cleaned the benchtops, taped and drop-sheeted the kitchen cupboards and appliance, put a drop-sheet on the floor (In retrospect, I should have taped that into place as well, you live you learn, I can cope with the fall-out from that, ‘course I can.) The fridge was easy enough, but the stove was too heavy for me, so I left it in place and taped plastic over it. (I can deal with the resultant black marks on its brand-new, white sides. I can and will. It’s my fault after all.)

Right, next using the specially provided diamond embedded scratchy thing-a-ma-jig, sanded the benches and back splash, using the specially bought PPE (We all know what that acronym means these days, don’t we?) I wore old clobber (clothes), unlike the man and woman on the video who wore nice jeans and attractive shirts. Thank god I did because, let me tell you, I am throwing those filthy, stained items out when I finish.

Anyhow, sanding back with diamonds, fine dust everywhere (I will have to do a full house clean, when I work up the energy.) Using, as suggested the ordinary sanding block on the back-splash and corners, which I had trouble reaching because I’m slightly vertically challenged. This was hard yakka (you remember that word, right?) The idea being to scratch the gloss from the surface so the stuff will adhere well. I made 3 passes before I thought I had it. The bloke on the video made it look easy with his distracting muscles and apparent sangfroid.

Not having a ‘Shop-vacuum’, I did, as suggested, and used a dust-pan and broom to sweep up the talc-fine detritus, causing a dust-storm; tried using a damp cloth, but there was just too much of the rotten stuff; resorted to my house vacuum. Thankfully, it stood up to the assault and did a pretty good job.

Time to wipe away and residual dust with a damp lint-free cloth, again, and again and again. Bugger any dust left after that. Seriously though, I did check that it was clean by wiping my hand across the area. The day passed in a haze of fine dust particles. Time to stop for the night and rise early to get the rest done.

Now, the fun part. Throw the dog out so he doesn’t get poisoned or put his hairs on the soon-to-be sticky surface, and close the windows and doors so dust doesn’t enter. What about me? Oh right, my face-mask. Here the video reminds me its no good if its not a proper, filter, re-breather. Too late now, I’ll just have to take my chances. Open the adherent, sealer stuff and stir with the thoughtfully supplied pine stick. There was thick, heavy gloop settled under a watery surface. I stirred and stirred until it became a slightly less heavy, gloopy whole. Poured it into the paint tray, painted the back-splash corners, and hard to get at places. Piece of cake. I can really do this. Time for the 3/8” nap roller, which soaked up a ton of the gloop and would not roll evenly. At this rate I’ll run out of gloop. Oh well, I’ll use the paint brush, no biggie. Had a little trouble around the stove area, no worries, she’ll be right mate.

Sprayed the wetting agent so the gloop wouldn’t dry out and so it would  collect the coming coloured chips. (Yes, I know I said ‘ebony’, but with colour chips to make it look like stone.) Oops the gloop on the back-splash has run a bit, more gloop needed. Next using the supplied chip sprayer thing, smoothly and evenly crank the handle and spray on the colour chips thickly, so thickly, have to make sure every speck of the gloop is covered. The container full of chips was okay for about 5 mins then became increasingly heavy, turning the handle became a jerky movement. My holding arm is going to break – bugger this I’ll just throw the stuff on. That was kinda fun but coloured, pretend-stone chips went everywhere. Thank god for the floor drop-sheet, right? Oops, not taped down. Oh well, the spill-over isn’t too bad, I’ll clear it up later.

Now, wait at least 12 hours but no longer than 24 hours for it to dry and adhere. Yes, it looked very rough but I was reassured via the video that that was how it should be. This timeline means I either stay up until 2am or wait a little later, being hyper aware of the 24 hour limit. (They don’t say why, by the way.)  Had a shower and went out for afternoon tea with friends, who assured me I smelled like a chemical factory.

Very early next morning, I swept off the extraneous chips, and there are lots of them. Oh no, some bare spots. Never mind, the video shows how to do a quick repairs, simples. Now wait another 6 hours. So, time to make it to the plant sale and exhibition at the local community hall. Oh no, I bought stuff.

Mid-afternoon and its time for the diamond treatment again, clean and do it again. Finally exhausted, I had a surface, which while not exactly as smooth as the supplied comparison tile, was I thought good enough. Oh no, now some spots where the chips and goop have lifted, or I sanded a little too vigourously. No worries, repair job again. Wait further at least 4 hours. I decide to do the last layer in the morning. The dog now thoroughly disgruntled at his exile is further confused by the inordinate number of showers.

An early start sees me sweeping the bench of further loose chips, sanding, sweeping, vacuuming and wet-wiping over and over. Open sealer tin and activator bottle pouring one into the other setting up a stink, stir them together for at least 2 mins but no less. (I did 3 – 4 just to be sure.) Pour into paint tray and proceed as before, using 2nd paint brush for corners etc, nice thick layer, thanks. Then using foam roller do counter tops, I hope that is going on thick and smooth enough. Dinner-time has come and gone, not that the chemical odour has whetted my appetite but by the time I’ve finished the legs are a bit wobbly and I need a feed, even if I don’t want one.

This morning I expected to be able to remove tape and plastic drop-sheets, but the counters are still tacky. I can’t take the plastic down for fear of ruining the finish with small chips that have adhered to the tape and pooled in places like on the plastic covering appliances, and tape protecting paint and windows. All of which is why I’m sitting at my computer writing this, waiting for the beautiful day outside to dry the surface properly. Then, I have to wait for 48 hours before putting even light things on the surface, and another week before commencing full use.

A week-end job that actually takes at least a week, thank god I’m now retired, and am not expecting any house guests, so I can live without a kitchen for a while.

My final words are – The shiny sealer looks a bit patchy and thick and thin in parts, but it is no longer pink!

My final, final words are – I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, and I suggest you don’t even try.

Ciao for now, Rosa.

P.S. Have just tried removing the tape and despite scoring where the tape and surface meet it is still pulling some of the surface away, just a bit, nothing a lick of black paint won’t fix, right?

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Art, Art, Art…

Hi there, I’ve been lying low for a bit but just had to tell you that I’ve been involved with a couple of art exhibitions lately. I’ve not won anything but have had the great good fortune to see some beautiful work from amazing artists. I think I mentioned The Percivals a month or so back. This biennial event is always a great place to see great art.

Well, then there is St James Cathedral Exhibition which opened last Tuesday and closes 16th this month. I have 4 pieces looking for new homes hanging there. This is a lovely space filled with not only paintings, but jewellery, sculptures, felting, silk dying etc. It is full to bursting with beautiful thinks, and is an inspiration to all creatives. so if you are in the Townsville region go and have a look. You will love it.

Last night I attended the opening of the Tyto Gallery (Ingham) Birdlife Exhibition/ competition in which I and a friend have a couple of pieces. The Sea eagle above is one of my entries.There were some astoundingly beautiful pieces and kudos to all who have won a prize. There is a People’s Choice prize to be announced after the show closed at the end of this month. You have plenty of time to visit and vote. It is an amazing building which shares its lovely exterior gardens and outdoor artwork with the Library building. You won’t be sorry you visited, so just do it! I tried to find a link but couldn’t (my bad). I will ring around on Monday and see if I can and update this post accordingly.

Next Sat the 15th a group of talented Rollingstone/Balgal Beachkids show the results of a series of workshops they recently attended. I was honoured to be one of the artist supervisors. Well done to all the children and adults involved.

Next month its time for our A@RT (Artists at Rollingstone Team) group to strut their stuff. On the weekend 12th & 13th September. There’s a Car-boot sale on the Saturday as well. Kill 2 birds with one stone and come and check out some great work. There will be a diverse collection of genre and media. You’ll love it. You also get to vote for your favourite painting, a wonderful way to compliment the artists who have put so much of themselves into creating these awesome artworks. Next year we will endeavour to have our own FB page up and running. So much to do and so little time to accomplish it all.

And, artists don’t forget The Strand Epherema is coming up.

I think that’s about it. Ciao for now, Rosa

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Why do I do it?

Here I am again. It is 3am and I can’t sleep. My head hurts. I think too much.

Following another disappointment, I’m again asking myself why I keep putting myself out there. I have been asked this a lot. ‘Why not just do what you do for yourself and let that be enough.’ Well, first of all, I do do what I do (writing, painting, poetry) for myself. I delight in finding something special in the ordinary, those moments that give heft and contrast to my life. Having done that, I then want people to see what I see, hear what I hear etc. Oft-times it’s beautiful, light, ephemeral; sometimes it’s emotional, dark and painful; most often it means something, I gain perspective, or express how I’m feeling in that moment.

I have been reading a book ‘Special Moments’ by the American artist E. John Robinson. I love his seascapes and landscapes. In the book he talks about how we are part of nature and can be uplifted by nature; how we are part of nature not its master or superior. I too feel that thread of connection and revel in it.

E. John also talks about why he thinks creatives feel they must put their work out there, let me quote something that resonated with me…

“…But with all our insight, all our visions, we cannot keep it to ourselves, can we? Our obsession with creativity is matched only by our need and desire to communicate it to others. Perhaps that is why we are artists. We must tell our dreams, our visions, and we need recognition. We paint, write songs, poems, novels; compose symphonies, carve blocks of wood and granite and marble; then we must standby anxiously while others without our isights pass judgement upon our efforts. No matter; that is the way of artist and patron but it brings us face to face with a critical choice: to whom do we direct our creativities and for what purpose? Under what exalted icon do we place our offerings to be blessed?What shale our God? Public opinion? Income? Prestige and fame? Or is there a higher ideal?…We must paint first for ourselves…” and later “…No matter that we are never quite satisfied! That is a given and a good sign…’

I found it reassuring that others much more talented than myself grapple with this question also.I suppose I will keep doing and questioning why I do. I can’t help it. I suppose I want to share a little of myself with all of you out there, and must take criticism on the chin for doing so.

Early, early mornings are my time for contemplation. It’s been nice talking to you. Ciao for now Rosa.


Cozy Mysteries

Well Hi there, from my alter ego Percy Rose.

First, I have changed the colours etc of my site. What do you think? Too busy? I would like to knock back the colours of the background picture so its kind of like more of a watermark but there isn’t any way to do so. Do you find it interferes too much? Behonest.

I have decided to delve into the stormy seas of  Cozies. I am definitely in uncharted waters, but with the guidance and advice of my sister and Author Dale FurseI am determined to give it a go.  Dale is very modest but has a good knowledge of self-publishing.

Oh yes, I have decided to self publish, I think. Going the traditional publisher path takes ages just to get all the agent enquiries and then submissions, then edits, then printing and distribution. I could be looking at years and years and I’m not getting any younger folks. (I know, I know I don’t look a day over the last time you saw me, but …)

I have done the first draft of the first in a series I’ve titled Beaufort’s Landing. Book one is titled Selma and Donkey.

Selma is in hiding. Her sister gets murdered. Who dunnit?

I have so much enjoyed writing this … It still needs lots of work but time to let some beta, beta readers have a look-see. So I’ve put my pen down for the moment.

I have a question for you should I have a seperate website for Percy or is having me as a tag on to the other me, Rosa Christian, working. I don’t have the foggiest, so help me out here.

I am also trying to change this site to make it more easily negotiable and appealing. So, wish me luck.    Ciao for now, Rosa, er, Percy.