Percy Rose – Murder/Crime/Psychological

Percy now has his own web site

  1. I attended a publishers tutorial once where the publisher suggested that one use a pen name when writing in different genre to avoid confusing and disappointing your readers. At the time I thought, My readers are not idiots. However, it seems most of the people who are supposed to know these things think a pseudonym is the go.
  2. I got some kick-back from family for writing such racy, nasty, weird, horrifying stuff. I didn’t mean to offend. To me it’s just a story, but just in case…

 I had to find a suitable name. I didn’t want to drift too far from me, so I sat and thought and thought and thought (Yes, I love Pooh Bear) and so arose Per C Rose – Percy Rose. I did cavil at the thought that it is a masculine name, was I subliminally suggesting (even to myself) that a male is more likely to succeed in this genre…Nah! Not in this day and age…I just thought I was being terribly clever. LOL!

Percy has finished two (2) novels in the D.N.A. Series genre he likes to call noir psychologique. The first one is very Noir, ‘Ruth In Pieces’, the second –  ‘Daughter of Anger’ is written in a lighter hand but is still pretty weird. There is another on the way. They are connected but it’s not necessary to read one before the other. I am about self-publish, but have to re-learn how to do that and do it much better than in the past. After all I do want them to sell.