Justy a quickie…you lucky things you…to let you know that the art exhibition opening is Fri 1st December at Amazing Floors and Finishes at 6:30pm. Please contact Curt if you would like to attend so he has some idea of numbers. Thanks, Rosa

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Bet you didn’t expect another one so soon,eh?

So my post is, obviously, about MSS appraisal. I recently paid for a structural appraisal of one of my novels. It cost a bit but in return I received 11 type written pages of assessment, which has helped immensely. The company was Ocean Reeve Publishing, Gold Coast Queensland. Ocean has been extremely helpful and kept in touch to make sure I was a) okay with the edit and b) continuing my efforts.

I knew there was something not quite right and the appraiser,Julian, guided me to make changes which have improved the tension and excitement and tightened the story.

I also got quite a bit of positive feedback which I shall quote below. (The negative stuff I will keep to myself and continue to work on. Come on, you didn’t think I was going to say anything bad, did you?)

“What has been done well is the overall plot pathway of the story, and the amount of research to build an artistic yet still believable world……The story has enough premise behind it, and enough research into the period to make the premise believable. (Glad he realised how much research I did; it was fascinating and exhaustive.)…The inherent allegory of the novel; respect for new culture, a love of learning, facing one’s demons, and the breakdown of friendship through circumstances and jealousy is appropriate…Overall the dialogue is one of the best aspects of the manuscript. The dialogue feels appropriate and organic….Overall the book was enjoyable for its good points – strong dialogue, believable world, strong allegory, and engaging finish. The quality of the writing requires little in the way of copy editing…

Well, you get the idea by now, I’m sure. There was, of course, a lot more in-depth analysis all of which was clear, consistent and useful.

This is where the Australian section of the novel is set – down Sunshine Coast way…

All I need now is to make contact with some members of the Gubbi Gubbi whose ancestral home this area is. I have tried to follow several leads for contact but keep coming up blank so if you or someone you know is Gubbi Gubbi please contact me as quickly as possible because with all the changes I’ve made I think I am just about ready to self publish or be published. Thank you and ciao for now, Rosa

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Other good news…

No wonder its raining! Two days in a row of blogging…told you I had some stuff to discuss.

My other good news is that a new business in town, Amazing Floors, has decided that all their empty wall space could better serve as a display for local artists while adding colour and interest to their business premises. I was the first one to sign up and some of my paintings along with many other artists’ work are hanging for all the world to see. Curt Keyes is the owner and has been very helpful and enthusiastic in his support for local artists as well as running his business, supplying great floor coverings.

So if you are in Townsville pop into his 83 Pilkington Street Showrooms and see and purchase some fabulous paintings, photographs or other works of art. You could also buy some floor coverings if you want.

We are going to have an opening celebration sometime soon. Watch this space…

These are the ones I have up at the moment…all in acrylics except ‘Koala Cuddles’ which is a watercolour.

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A pat on the back for me…

Good news… 1st Prize and one of the consolation prizes for yours truly at local art expo and comp…yaah! Just the pick-me-up I needed.

Unfortunately the rainy weather kept people away in droves which was disappointing. However as a bonus I sold all my stock of my poetry books…so all in all feeling pretty chuffed with the weekend.

I know, once again,it’s been an age but I am still wrestling with my computer which has now locked me out and is not recognising my password.

I am tapping this out on my phone and quietly going mad…madder.

I actually have quite a bit to talk about but will make a number of small blogs over the next few days..weeks? Because this is driving me nuts…

I would put up the paintings but the setup is quite different on the phone and I can’t figure out how…I’ve found add media but it won’t add from my gallery…so sorry…maybe I’ll have my computer fixed by the next blog but don’t hold your breath…ciao for now…Rosa

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So, here I am again. I have been trying to hide from a world which I find increasingly horrifying. It is so difficult to continue to believe in the good of humankind sometimes but this negative talk is not what this post or site is supposed to be about.

One of the reasons I’ve not been on line is that my computer, poor old thing, is dying a slow and painful death. I do need a new one but that’s highly unlikely in the near future, so I have to ride out the glitches and hope I don’t lose anyone along the way. Speaking about losing people, I have just unsubscribed to a multitude of emails, most of which I did NOT subscribe to anyway. What the hell! I thought my junk setting was supposed to prevent all this stuff from getting through. Some of it is disgusting, or trying to make me feel fat, or stupid or both. all of this is to say, I might have gone overboard and deleted even things I want so if you have been unfollowed or unsubscribed to I will find you again. Please excuse me in the meantime.


Synopses – difficult little beggars aren’t they? I have recently written one for a novel of Percy Rose’s which is being entered in a competition. It’s too late to change it now as I’ve already sent it in because the deadline is very close and I’m not sure how long my little machine is going to co-operate. Here it is below. Please let me know if having read it you would want to read the actual novel…I’m nervous…here goes!

Jenny’s Story


The alluring Jenny Chesterton, who by her own account has lived a very ordinary life in suburban Brisbane, is in a mental institution’s locked ward. She swears she is innocent of the murder of not one but two police officers, Inspector Blackmore and the young detective sent to question her about his death.

Doctor Alec Bashem, expert police psychiatrist, is tasked with deciding if she is sane enough to stand trial for the murders; how and why she killed and whether there have been other kills she is responsible for.

Jenny is an expert manipulator and taunts Bashem with her sexuality and his perceived inadequacies. She draws him in with her tricks and deliberately breaks down the Doctor-Patient relationship. Alec knows he should resist her wiles but the sight of her, the smell of her, the touch of her hand, the glimpses of her bare thighs, the brush of her breast on his arm and the unspoken promise of physical delight all overcome his stoic rectitude. Her power and his weakness drive him to distraction.

As they aren’t making much headway in their interviews, Alec suggests she write her thoughts down in the form of letters to him. In her writings and during the interviews the story of her murderous activities are told, then denied. He discovers there is the possibility of a manuscript or diary written by her mother, Ruth Chesterton, where she claims to be a serial killer par excellence. Serial killers are Alec’s fascination and he is desperate to read the MSS and will do and say whatever it takes to get hold of it.

Jenny continues to taunt him undermining the façade he has built up to protect himself from a cruel world where one’s looks often determine one’s worth. He can resist no longer despite her scorn of his physical attributes eroding his self-confidence. He hates her for the power she comes to have over him and knows he must end it.

Alec is under more and more pressure by Chief Inspector Brett Collier and his new sidekick Detective James Blackmore Addison to get some answers fast, before the woman’s lawyer brother arrives back from London. Did she or did she not murder the two policemen? Is she sane enough to stand trial?

Forced to comply, Alec arranges extra sessions to find the answers.

The unthinkable happens and Jenny suicides.

Where does that leave their investigations? Is Alec right that the police (and himself) are culpable for her death, or is there more to it than that?


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HI! Whoo hoo!

Didn’t expect me back so soon, did you? …Me either…

So, some good news at last…for me anyway…One of my poems has been chosen to be published in the 2016 Grieve Anthology. It is an old one that I submitted earlier this year and forgot about. Then out of the blue, a congratulations email and please edit and return…Whoo hoo! So I sent it off yesterday. I really needed this pick me up…Our world is a sad, sad place at the moment.

I know I shouldn’t let all the bad news stories affect me but they do! I am heartsick for all the misery in the world and the ascendance of horrifying racist policies here in Australia and overseas. God help us all.

I think I need to step away from the news for a while and give my self time and peace to recuperate in … sigh… I am happy about the above though.

It seems the dark side of my otherwise lightweight self is the one that is having any success. The poem, ‘The Decision’, makes me cry every time I read it and I can’t read out loud because I get choked up. Is that weird? Am I supposed to react like that? It is not about me or mine, but as a nurse I see lots of sad things and people making difficult decisions. When I was young I was able to wade through these muddy water but now that I’m older and have experienced more of life I feel them soak my feathers and try to pull me under. I usually get to the other side but each time it is a little more difficult.

Thank you my friends for buoying me up. I love you all.  Rosa

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All New Look

Well, here I am again. I hope you didn’t have too much trouble finding me. As you can see I am in the midst of a clean out and complete change around.

In future this site will be all about my various scribblings and my art work will have a site of its own. I haven’t named it yet. Probably something really catchy like – Rosa Paints – perhaps not. (All suggestions welcome).

I have also altered the name slightly but none of the other parameters so you should still receive it ok if you have ‘followed.’  I certainly hope so.

I have several main pages that are then divided into subgroups, so I hope you find it easy enough to navigate. I haven’t yet populated most of those but the Welcome page is up as is the main Poetry page and the About page. I will add to this as the mood strikes.

I have decided to self-publish next year come what may…I hope so anyway. I will let you know how it goes.   Ciao for now Rosa

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