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Local Markets

Oops! Started this well before Christmas/New Year…


My biggest supporters are in my local community, and I thank Balgal/Rollingstone community for their support.At the recent and final market for 2022 I sold some paintings, a book, and a poster.

These bird heads are proving quite popular, so will try for more next year…maybe.

Have also done a commission. I usually don’t even try to reproduce the same painting twice but the mother of the model wanted one of her own, with autumnal colours. It turned out all right, but I’d never make it as a forger. Perfect copies are boring…lol.

Was going to put up a pic here but my bluetooth is failing to connect. I can’t figure out why. Yes I have it turned on.

Any how, I had a very nice holiday season, even if a lot quieter than usual. I was house/pet sitting for my daughter and family, who flew off to Canada for a very white Christmas. they had a lot of fun and reunited with lots of family, including a brother and sister and their father and his new partner. Everyone over there is, apparently, well. It was so good to see them all, if only in photos. One day I will be rich enough to make the journey.

I hope your New Year is off to a rousing start, and that it brings blessings of every sort.

It is pouring here in the tropics, par for the course. I love it.

See you all again, soon.

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A Small Win

The above won 1st prize at the Rollingstone Pineapple Festival inaugural art competition, and is presently on show at the Tyto Gallery (Ingham) Birdlife Art Exhibition/Competition. If you’re in the area pop in and look at the many beautiful artworks on display, then vote for mine in the People’s Choice, okay?…LOL.

I am in Bungendore, NSW visiting family for the next fortnight. I’m finding it a bit chilly, but it is so beautiful that I can’t complain too much. As you can see, there are still some eating places with fires going. Many spring blooms are out and walking my grandson to school is a great pleasure. They have two dogs who I love.

My daughter works from home, so we do see a lot of each other, which is wonderful. Along with her paid employment, she is a children’s author and has some stuffed toys to go with her book, The Adventures of William Brambleberry Aviator Mouse.

Isn’t he just soooo cute!??

Rosie is starting a new/old book. A re-telling of one she wrote for her own children many years ago. We’ll see how that goes.

And, Percy is still working on Book 3 of the Beaufort’s Landing series, At Curlew Cry.

Ciao for now,

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Looking Forward…

A quick update on my art life—my solo exhibition at the Townsville Community Informatiion Centre has come to an end, and a new person goes up today. Of course, it couldn’t go too smoothly. The road that fronts the space was closed for a loooong block, so I had to drive around a bit before I found a parking spot fairly close. It was rather nice to see my old friends and bring them home.

Speaking of friends, I had the most delightful encounter just prior to picking up the paintings. I was having a pit stop at a cafe on the Strand, sitting by self and people watching while enjoying the lovely sea view and breeze. A lovely young woman approached and introduced herself then asked me to join herself and family. I was rather surprised because I was feeling very much at peace and quietly happy; not in the least lonely. Long story short, I did join them and what a delight that was. We had much in common, and chatted away for almost an hour. I left feeling energised and joyous; so THANK YOU Rachel and Sonny and girls.

I tell this tale to encourage others to follow suit: be friendly, open and kind. It will be a blessing and boon for you and the other person. What’s more, everyone has a story and your life will be enriched.

Anyhow, onward…

This Friday coming I am taking a couple of painting up to the Tyto Gallery at Ingham for entry in the Hinchinbrook Birdlife Art Awards. Try to guess which ones. Wish me luck. I will be happy if I sell either one of them. The results will be announced opening night, Friday the following week. The works will be on display for at least a month, so if you are up that way, go in and have a look. You won’t be disappointed; the works are always of a very high caliber.

Right now I have to get going with other stuff. Ciao for now,

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2nd Prize

Well, will you look at that!

Did you read the certificate below the picture? That’s right! ‘Glitch’ won 2nd place in the Acrylic Section at the Burdekin Art Society Inc. Art Exhibition. There were entries from all over Queensland, but unfortunately I didn’t get to stay and check them all out — A couple of weeks ago I drove the hour and three quarters to deliver my entries and had to get back home. Then by the time I went back today to collect them (no sale, alas) the place was already stripped. Those I did see were of an excellent quality, so congratulations to all the winners, place-getters and all entries.

Biggest THANK YOU and congratulations to the tireless volunteers who organised it all. You are legends and we the artists bow down before you.

I am thrilled with this win, as I worked so hard and so long on this painting, and the competition I did it for didn’t even think it worth being in the finals. I was terribly disappointed, but it just goes to show just how subjective art appreciation is. What I like you may not and vice versa.

You may be asking yourself why on earth did I do this pixellated portrait. Well, it was engendered by a poem, which I wrote after being treated like a demented idiot by a young person who worked for the telco I was then using. I was totally outraged that they barely looked at me and, apparently because of my white hair, dismissed my assertions and questions out of hand. I crossed the road and changed to another telco.

Here is the poem…

Barely Visible

I’m a glitch
a pixellated blur
on the blue screen of your life
a monochrome in a colour called ‘old’
a photocopy of a photocopy of 
a photocopy of a photocopy
barely visible.

You avoid my eye
lest you confront my humanity
it says more than my mouth
which sometimes has difficulty 
please, look at me
I’m falling apart.

I won't shout for attention
you overlook me 
neither hear nor listen
I don’t speak your jive
you ride rough-shod 
over my careful words
barely audible.

You snatch things from my hands,
‘Here, I’ll do that!’
I want to
show me how
I can do it
slow down.

In exchange I can tell you
about the life you’re missing
a world of butterflies and blue skies
sunrises, flowers, amazing animals
my words can take you there
it’s more magical than the worlds
on your screens.

It’s a dangerous adventure
real life, real death
if mortally wounded
you won’t rise again
real sorrow, real pain
hurt like hell
you’ll want to hide
but, if you do you’ll miss out on
real joy, real love
the touch of loving hands
and lips

Your flickering, deep sleep 
has made you forget 
my world
our world.

Look up 
look at me
make me visible.      (c) Rosa Christian
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I’m an Exhibitionist

Hi there!

I have a small exhibition on in Townsville, come have a look-see. I owe a big thank you to Helen, of the Community Information Centre, who helped me set up. It looks quite presentable, don’t you think?

As you can see, there is also a table with some of my poetry books; Light in Dark, my recently-published latest collection; Heart, a look at Australia as I drove my beaten-up red Corolla around Australia; Purple Pages, a very small collection about love- the slightly erotic, the funny and the angry. All are for sale.

Along with these I’ve given some space to my friend Percy Rose’s crime novels.

Now, as long as you are in town go along to St. James Cathedral and look at the wonderful works of many local artists represented there.

It seems like, at this time of the year, it’s all about art. The Burdekin Exhibition in Ayr is coming soon as is the Hinchinbrook Birdlife Exhibit/Competition.

I have to get to work on other stuff, so I’ll close. Please pop in and have a look at my work and don’t be shy about buying some.

Ciao for now,

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Arty Bragging

Doin’ Busines!

I am late putting up this post, but no less happy to report that the Art@RollingstoneTeam annual art exhibition, July 15th to 17th, was another success. Once again, the wonderful Balgal Beach community came out to support us, so a big thank you to them. We sold a total of around 15 pieces, which was fabulous. Personally, I sold 2 paintings and a number of books. I am a happy chappy. Goodbye Cocky Miranda and my Lovely Lorikeet.

And here are some more pics of the event. Have a flick through…

(Photos courtesy of Nick Dametto Member for Hinchinbrook, who was kind enough to officially open the exhibition for us.)

Here is a heads up for August 15th. I am having a small exhibition at Townsville Community Information Centre in flinders Street. More information to some, but there will also be a table of my books and I will be doing some days of ‘Author Signing’. I’ll let you know when so you can come in to say hello. I’d love to see you.

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Feeling Chuffed!

Just before I forget, and right now while my mind is focussing, if you are from the Townsville area or passing through on hols the local art group is having their annual art exhibition. See flyer below.

Now to the nitty-gritty.

Opened my emails this morning and lo and behold two (2) very welcome pieces of news.

No. 1) My entry to the Percivals Art Comp has been sold… I can’t remember how much I put on it, and I have to fill out some paperwork before I get it. BUT, yaaah!

Dame Edna Emu
‘Hello, Possums…’

No. 2) I am getting a payment from Amazon. It hasn’t yet appeared in my account, and don’t know how much . (Last time, I think I got $2.99… lol) but, hey don’t look a gift horse etc. I’m just so pleased that someone has bought at least one of my books.

I wonder which… some of my poetry? Some of Percy’s work? Some of Rosie’s work?

Poetry anyone?

I don’t really mind which, but would be so chuffed if it was some of my poetry. Does anyone know if Amazon list on the payment page what it was that sold?

Anyway, that is my exciting news for today. Hope you are blessed with something wonderful as well. With love,

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Special thoughts

I am dedicating this post to my recently passed sister, Dale Furse. I have written of her before, but this month was her birthday and it is hard not to be able to pick up the phone and say ‘Happy Birthday’, have a laugh and say ‘I love you.’

You may remember that I’ve said before that Dale was an author and I’m sure I’ve put up her links previously. Any money from her sales now goes to her family and so I thought she would appreciate a little more advertising/publicity. Go search her out on

She most recently was writing Time Travel Romance under the pseudonym Callie Berkham

A great escape, full of romance, adventure and strong personalities

Before writing the above successful series, Dale wrote a Young Adult Scifi fantasy series that is absolutely fabulous for pre-teens to adults. I loved being her number one beta reader. You won’t regret reading them. Search in for Dale Furse_Wexkia Series.

Aliens, shape-changers and more. Such adventures!

So my darling Dale, you may be gone from this realm but you live forever in our hearts.



Yep. Just as I was starting to get back into shape, I got the dreaded lergy. I was feeling truly wretched for the first week, which I can’t remember. Thankfully I am a lot better now, some 5 or 6 weeks later. Still have days when I’m too fatigued tohe one thing I have been bother doing anything much and headaches come and go. Each day is better, but I encourage you to get your inoculations. I truly believe I would have been very ill indeed if I hadn’t had mine. GET YOURS!

Ahem! The only thing I’ve been able to do is Painting, because I could do so for short bursts at a time. These are small (20X25 cm), acrylics.

Both Rosie O’Grady and Percy Rose have managed to do some stuff before The Covid hit. Watch out for their blogs. Ciao for now…

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Portrait No. 2 ‘Barely Visible’

This is the second one that didn’t quite make the cut, but IS going to be on exhibition at ‘Your Space’ Thuringowa Library from 22nd. March to 2nd May, so not an entire loss.

There is a bit of a story to this but because I was under a bit of stress during the time I was painting it, I can’t remember what came first the idea for the painting or the poem. I now have an even greater respect for dot-painting indigenous artists. Drawing up the grid of small squares nearly sent me dotty.

Did you see what I did there? Sorry, not sorry.

Barely Visible

Matriarch of the Matrix

In this technological era, I’m a glitch, buffering, barely visible

disappearing into the framework

My thoughts are splintering, pixellating

between what is real and what is merely perceived

What can I believe? Does it really matter?

After all…

‘Reality is what we want it to be’

‘The world is, what we make it’

‘We can be whatever/whomever we want to be’.

If I keep focus on the world I’ve always known

will I lose touch with those living in this new world?

If I can’t keep pace, will I disappear without trace?

Underneath, I’m falling apart.

It becomes harder to find what is true. Who am I?

Who are you?

Will I become one small dot, a little focus of energy

indiscernible from the trillions and trillions who light up life?

Isn’t that what I already am?

Life is a circle — a spiral, replicating DNA

Everything that ever was or will be

already is, exists here and now.

‘time is not linear’

it flies by. Where is it going?

Why then does this body slow, change, age, die

As I slip into that calm blue, understanding evades me

A butterfly lands on my hand

it’s gentle touch tows me back to our beginning.

Now…the world is buffering, coming into focus

I breathe deep of air filled with the heady scent

of life.

I hear nature sing, the rustle of wind, children’s laughter.

I see sunrise, a bird on wing, flowers in bloom.

This is the world I want to inhabit the one reality for me

Shards of a life nearing its end

pixellated snippets of old and new knowledge

make of this life, this world, whatever I put into it

I am the Matriarch of the Matrix.

(c) Rosa Christian.

Ciao for now,