Bet you didn’t expect another one so soon,eh?

So my post is, obviously, about MSS appraisal. I recently paid for a structural appraisal of one of my novels. It cost a bit but in return I received 11 type written pages of assessment, which has helped immensely. The company was Ocean Reeve Publishing, Gold Coast Queensland. Ocean has been extremely helpful and kept in touch to make sure I was a) okay with the edit and b) continuing my efforts.

I knew there was something not quite right and the appraiser,Julian, guided me to make changes which have improved the tension and excitement and tightened the story.

I also got quite a bit of positive feedback which I shall quote below. (The negative stuff I will keep to myself and continue to work on. Come on, you didn’t think I was going to say anything bad, did you?)

“What has been done well is the overall plot pathway of the story, and the amount of research to build an artistic yet still believable world……The story has enough premise behind it, and enough research into the period to make the premise believable. (Glad he realised how much research I did; it was fascinating and exhaustive.)…The inherent allegory of the novel; respect for new culture, a love of learning, facing one’s demons, and the breakdown of friendship through circumstances and jealousy is appropriate…Overall the dialogue is one of the best aspects of the manuscript. The dialogue feels appropriate and organic….Overall the book was enjoyable for its good points – strong dialogue, believable world, strong allegory, and engaging finish. The quality of the writing requires little in the way of copy editing…

Well, you get the idea by now, I’m sure. There was, of course, a lot more in-depth analysis all of which was clear, consistent and useful.

This is where the Australian section of the novel is set – down Sunshine Coast way…

All I need now is to make contact with some members of the Gubbi Gubbi whose ancestral home this area is. I have tried to follow several leads for contact but keep coming up blank so if you or someone you know is Gubbi Gubbi please contact me as quickly as possible because with all the changes I’ve made I think I am just about ready to self publish or be published. Thank you and ciao for now, Rosa

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Research is a waiting game…

Weeeeeellll! No luck today nobody wants to talk to me regarding the Pyramid it seems, and nor does anyone from the Kabi Kabi.

I am terribly disappointed and will keep trying but if I still have not been contacted by the time I’m ready to publish then I will just go ahead. Everything I’ve worked from is freely available on the net and  I write without malice or desire to insult. I write simply time intrigue and entertain.

I drove out to the Pyramid site hoping that someone would be in touch before I arrived . No such luck and it’s private property.

So I drove out to Rainbow  Beach, where part of the novel takes place. The countryside is lovely and the sea beautiful. I didn’t find the rainbow sands  though. I need a guide I think. I will have to come back more prepared next time.

I’ve had a good if unfruitful time..tomorrow I return to Rocky then Sunday back to Townsville, grooooaaannn…

Sleepy times now… Ciao   Rosa

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Searching for the Kabbi

So the plan was to go into town, find the Aboriginal Cultural Centre, make some contacts and have some serious talking about  the Kabbi people and their law n’ lores…no biggie, right?

So, started out  at the information Centre… Dawn falling asleep …can’t see straight…

Well, here it is 5:30am and I  am awake at last. I’m sitting up in bed under a lovely you big do on a  (it’s a chilly 12C out there) looking out over rolling hills an bushland, listening to the hirds. I’m sipping hot coffee and contemplating my naval. Sinbad is out pretending to be a country dog. He really loves this place.

Soooo, where was I last night….oh before that I must tell you a funny story….yesterday morning I’m sitting out on the verandah having my second coffee and wondering where everybody was as it was 8:30am and I’m thinking ‘What a lot of lazy sods.’

Shearer, the host appears and starts talking (She talks a lot) Mention that she is expecting someone at 8:30 and I look at her in surprise and say, ‘But it’s 8:30 now.

Eerh, no. It was 730. I had forgotten to alter my clock when I had to reset this phone a couple of weeks ago. Which means I have been getting up very very early, like 4:00 early. No wonder I’ve been so tired.

Anyway, yesterday the Information Centre…they couldn’t help me. They didn’t know any of the local custodians and ,no there was no local cultural centre…really? REALLY? Perhaps I should try the library. No, no luck there…perhaps the Primary Health place. The young woman there very helpfully took my name and said she would pass on my number to someone who might help.

Defeated I gave up the chase for the day.

I went Coles and bough a stack of food, went back to Linga  Longa and spent the afternoon preparing a  Middle-eastern feast for Shearer and her Mum…yum. it was excellent, even if I do say so myself.

In the mean time, a chap called Henry phoned and he is emailing me this morning to set up a meeting with some Elders. Yaaah! So, I am back on track and rearing the go.

Apologies for being a bit late with this blog but after a couple of wines all those early mornings finally caught up with me and try as I might I could not keep my eyes open.

It’s ciao for now from me…

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Writing retreat

Well, I am now in Gympie, more or less. I’m actually staying at an Airbnb place called Linga Longer just 15 mins  north of Gympie. I’ve never used airbnb before but will certainly do so again. It is a very nice home and Sinbad and I have been made to feel very welcome. It is on 5 acres and very peaceful.

As I was lying back in the hot spa (with aroma therapy) I thought, what a perfect place for a writing retreat.

I’m going to town tomorrow to try and chase up a few leads. We’ll see how that goes. But if worst comes to worst and I  dont get to talk to anyone at least I will have tried. I’m a little bit excited.

I left a lot of stuff at Stella’s nothing important just like you know Sinbads food and water bowl my hairbrush…lol. Ah well…it’s an adventure after all.

I tried to edit some of my poetry this evening but it was much more interesting to talk to my host Shearer and her 82 year old mother. They are some kind of interesting…


Nightie night..Rosa

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This morning  I ran away from home. I threw a few things in a suitcase, jumped in the car and the dog and I set off on an adventure. I just left the house as is (or should that be was)  and off we went.

You probably don’t remember, because I don’t blog often enough, but I’ve  written a couple of books involving the Kabi Kabi people from the Gympie area of south-east Queensland.  I decided that I would at last try to double check my facts and make sure that what I’ve written doesn’t offend or transgress any taboos. Yes I know I’ve said I’ve already written them, but they’re not yet published so better late than never, right?

I met a wonderful writer, Leslie Williams (author of Not Just Black and White)  who gave me a number of someone in Gympie who might be able to help me. I’ve contacted her and she feels doubtful that she can help, but I decided to take the bull by the horns hence my impromptu road trip.

I left home  (50kms north of Townsville)@ 6:15 hrs, drove about 1000km in 10hrs (don’t expect exact measurements from me).It was fine until about the last 150kms when I began to tire…I must be getting old, that used to be a snap not so long ago…

Anyway here I am tucked up in  bed at my friend’s house in Rockhampton, where I’ll stay for a couple of days before driving on to Gympie. I’ll let you know more as it happens. For now I must say goodnight and get some shut-eye.   Ciao for now…Rosa.