Bubbles and Brushes

As a community activity I initiated a social night for people wanting to have a go at painting. My friend Ann Martin organised with the community centre the use of all the equipment etc. and last Thursday we had 21 people turn up (an amazing effort for this small community) at the hall for a truly fun night – drinking bubbly, snacking, socialising and painting, in a Covid-safe way of course.

I projected 2 pictures on a large screen (Starry Night and a Mexican sugar skull) and set up a still life, for them to copy. The blank, white canvasses were a little intimidating at first but with a little encouragement everyone soon got to work.

Most were complete novices, but a few had a little or quite a lot of experience in the past. All are now artists in their own right and will (hopefully) continue to explore their creative sides.

1 1/2 to 2 hours, and a few tipples later, we had some fabulous results. I feel like a proud mother hen. Just look at these fabulous results. Well done all! Love your work!

A lot of enthusiasm was expressed for another night, in fact many other nights, so we are planning one for the New Year after the kiddies go back to school. What will we tackle next time? After photographs and congratulations all around, we toddled off home to show off our fine artwork.


The New Year

Well, I am trying to be positive but I have to tell you that it feels facile and hollow to say Happy New Year. Not that I don’t want this for you and all people everywhere but to say those words under the dreadful circumstances for Australia with her bushfires, for Indonesia with her floods and tsunami and the many other problems afflicting our poor Mother Earth, well, the words stick in my throat. I love you all and wish you all the best for the future, I truly do.

There is still hope for us, but so many are determined to ignore the facts.

Let me just say this … Even if you don’t believe the recent devastating events are due to Climate Change, isn’t it still right to look after the Earth? Isn’t it still right to focus on alternatives to industries that pollute our air and oceans? Isn’t it right to find better ways to go forward that don’t involve dismissing and demeaning other people and nations? Can’t we concentrate on helping, and caring for others who are not as lucky as we are? Can we not be just a little kinder and more thoughtful?

I beg you, if you do nothing else in the coming year, please be as kind as you can, as often as you can.

Well, there. I’didn’t realise all of that was going to jump from my keyboard. I am feeling raw. I am safe and well physically in my little piece of paradise, and am so grateful for that.

I was going to write a completely different blog but I guess I needed to have my say.

I will talk again soon.  Ciao for now, Rosa.

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The Future is here

Edit: I’ve just changed the top image to the portrait because the latter was not showing in the portion of my post on display. If this doesn’t work I’m going to be cross FB…

Well here we are well into January..I’m attaching photo of a painting I did for my friend for Xmas. Its her daughter. I had fabulous fun doing this and loved having her greet me each morning from the easel in my tiny kitchen.

That’s odd…I have no idea why it has come out so dark…anywho… This is what I’ve been busying myself with just prior to Xmas. Doesn’t she have magnificent bones!

Have decided to do an oil painting next…its been a while so all my tubes had to be jettisoned and now I’ll have to buy some more…rats. That will have to wait.

In the meantime, remember I will work on commission and paintings in my Gallery on this site are for sale..either pm me or email via this site.

Hope your New Year is going swimmingly…no seriously go swimming, its too bloody hot to do much else…

Ciao for now, Rosa

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The Future Will Wait

I’m feeling reflective as one does at this time of the year, so I am posting this poem, which I wrote after the birth of my first grand-child. I now have 5 little darlings to fill my cup of love so I’ve reworked it a little. Hope you enjoy.

The Future Will Wait

My child, as you look at your child
Know thisis how I feel about you
Your pain is my pain
Your laughter a song in my heart.

My child, I see you hold your child
And remember the smell of you
Your joy is my joy
Your smile echoes up through the years.

My child you’re  so special and unique
A genetic blend in a bold spirit
The best of the best
Your power and grace is yours alone.

My child, as you sing sweet lullabies
My mother’s voice whispers in my ear
Her smile is your smile
Her strength and pride lend you support.

My child and beloved grand-child
Enjoy every moment in the now
The future will wait
Fill today with love, joy and laughter.

Step toward tomorrow lightly, with pride
Knowing I will always be close by
Real love IS eternal
Share it freely. It is its own reward.

(c)  Rosa Christian

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1st January 2018

1st January 2018


The blood-warm waters embrace me

Supporting my silent intentions

As Luna sails billowing ripples

Across a sea of ink seen in glimpses

Between wispy sighs and deeper, darker groans

Oaths that this year will be better and wetter

Than the last just past midnight.


Surrounded, floating in an artificial world

Under the brilliant glow of the Goddess’s pale gaze

2017 flickers across my mind’s screen

like failing black and white celluloid

already disintegrating before it can be archived

shoved by the brash New Year into the background

hum of decades of other stories


Full of bravado, difficulties and broken pledges

Of passionate avowals that, ‘This will be the Year.’

Of crumpled promissory notes to self

Torn from the pages of my life’s novel

Individual misremembered memoir


The trajectory of my quest –

Nirvana’s path

Not a smooth curve of learning…rather

A lumpy, bumpy graph of false starts

Dead ends and a pilgrim’s slow progress


A struggle up mountainous slopes

Of self-imposed complicated obstacles

The range looming, challenging

choices yet before me

doubt and apprehension twin companions.


I’ve turned back to view heavenly peaks

Of small successes but already

the mist of self-congratulatory forgetfulness

hides lows and highs alike but

I still feel the euphoria induced by

A combination of straining against the odds

And the oxygen deprivation of

Imagined ascendancy pulled from thin air.


I’ve already achieved so much

Succeeded despite boulders of bad choices

Ignorance stemming from an inadequate education

That I thought finished when

I left school, left home, graduated

An adult fool


Yea though I walk through the valley

of the shadow of death

I fear there is still evil or animal in me

Or sitting on my shoulder hissing vitriol

against my stalwart self-consciousness

My decision to continue to strive for a better me

Without which there will be no better world.


Soaking in the half-light of self-affirmation

Filled with the heady wine of self-applause

I face forward with a vow…

‘I can do this – I just have to believe in me.’