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Yes, I have been slack. My excuse is that I’ve been nursing my alter-ego along trying to get print copies of their book done and ordered. For details see Percy’s latest blog. We have had some trouble, and still have in some quarters, but our first shipment should arrive in a few weeks…fingers and toes crossed.

Now, I can settle down and get on with publishing my next book of poetry. Tentative Title is Light and Dark. My trouble with titling my poetry is that I write about all sorts of things and have no theme except the life around me and my inner life. What do you think of the title?

It is the wet season here and Dog and I got the ‘lack of Vitamin D blues’, but now the sun is shining, and back to heavenly weather we head. My yard has dried out enough so I have mowed at least but there is much weed pulling needed.

In the meantime, I’m still painting…I am taking video lessons with the late E. John Robinson. Love his work and attitude and relaxed style. Some of the lessons I’ve got are rescued from tape so the colours he is mixing are a little difficult to see…luckily I have ears. Here is one I did following the video — Mountain Lake. Not too bad, considering it’s not Australian scenery, and I certainly have no snow-covered mountains where I live in North Queensland. Not excellent, still…

I followed this up with a painting from a photo of Lac Louise (I believe) taken by one of my Canadian nieces, which she kindly said I could use. Of course, I changed the clouds, a lot, and brought in brighter sunlight from the upper right and made some other minor adjustments. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the finished product. More practice needed though.

Oh, and we put on another ‘Bubbles and Brushes’ night, and despite the fact that it was absolutely pelting down 2/3 of the people signed up turned up, and a fine time was had by all.

Well that is all I have until next time, when I might have some exciting news…

Ciao for now, Rosa.

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It’s done!

Well, my friends, I really meant to speak to you sooner, but have been having a few problems. One of which is getting everything ready to publish my ebook, ‘Death of a Twin’ (Book one in the Beaufort’s Landing Series) written as Percy Rose to differentiate my crime novels from my other works. I am starting slowly. So, at the moment (or as soon as Amazon has reviewed it, up to 72 hours they say), Correction book is now live. You can purchase at the link above. it is only available on Amazon as an ebook. It is $2.99USD, which equates to around $4.66AUD. Sorry I can’t provide a direct link yet.

‘Xelma, a reluctant psychic, is hiding out in tropical North Queensland, under the Witness Protection Program, but when her sister, Charlie, is murdered she risks all to investigate.Detective Ryan Croft fears Xelma’s ex-husband may be trying to warn her off witnessing against him. He finds Xelma’s insistence that she ‘sees’ events highly suspicious, however her ‘dreams’ are strangely accurate. Could she be the murderer? He is increasingly irritated when she won’t stop interfering in the case. She could get herself killed, and him as well.  Xelma is not the only suspect. Jealousy, retribution and greed all provide motives for Charlie’s nearest and dearest.Croft fears the worst when Xelma disappears. Has she run? Is she safe?’

Don’t you just want to run out, er, I mean sit at the computer and buy it? Lol.

I, I mean Percy will be bringing it out in paperback, eventually…no soon, but baby steps. I think it has taken so long to publish because I kept playing around and telling myself it wasn’t good enough, or the cover wasn’t quite right, or anything else I could think of to put off the pressing of that publish button. I’m good at procrastinating. Now that that one is up, I think I will go in and add my poetry books and in a little while the first of my psychological thriller series. I’ll let you know as they go up.

It has certainly been a learning curve. I hope I’ve done everything necessary. What I need now are sales, but just as importantly reader reviews. So, if you do buy and read it please don’t be shy about leaving a review (even if you don’t like it it helps, so I’m told).

Oh, by the way, I did up the cover myself, ’cause I can’t afford to do otherwise and besides I thought it would be fun to give it a go. Please tell me what you think. Making the cover has indeed been fun, and frustrating, and irritating, and rewarding, and a huge time eater. I promise to listen to all comments good or bad and take them on board.

I hope you are all well and surviving if not thriving in this time of Covid. I am quite well, thank you. Life here in Australia is moving into the next phase of dealing with this horrid disease, so I am feeling quite good. How can I not, when the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by such a caring bunch?

It’s after 8pm. I think I need to eat.     Ciao for now, Rosa

P.S. Holy moly, that picture came out big. I don’t know how to fix it. Ha ha!


Heeeerrreee’s Percy…

I know I said my next post would be for Percy Rose and be up Friday just passed, but  life…better late than never.

Percy Rose, my alter-ego, has been hard at work editing and writing getting ready to publish Book 1 of the Beaufort’s Landing Mystery Series–Psychic or Psycho–on Amazon in a few short weeks. The series will be easy reading; no blood and guts, no overt sex, just a cracking story with lots of suspects. See if you can discover ‘who-dunit‘. The front cover is ready to go, I think. Might put up a preview of that just before publishing.

Writing is well under way for Book 2, Killer Crocodile, and cover is ready also.

Covers are ready for the Psychological Thriller Series, R.I.P., D.O.A., & C.I.B.which will be published some time this year.

One of the hardest things I’ve found is knowing when enough editing and titivating is enough. I am going to bite the bullet … soon. In anticipation of that, I am going to put up the first page of Psychic or Psycho and ask you all for feed-back.


Instead of getting on with the washing up, Xelma’s hands lay still in the warm, sudsy dishwater. She stood staring out of the window at the ocean and sky; thinking of nothing in particular, unless enjoying her freedom and safety counted as thinking.

It was strange that hiding out in tropical North Queensland, in the two railcarriages that had belonged to her grandparents, could be considered freedom. Al Gottoni, her ex, had a lot to answer for. Still, it could be worse. This place was full of the presence of her maternal Grandmother, Sally Beaufort. Xelma had loved coming to visit her grandparents when she was a child. Six weeks of running wild in the bush and on the beach every Christmas holiday was a true escape from suburban Brisbane.

Thank God, Xelma had inherited the property. Thank God, she had never told Al about it.

Xelma shook her head refocussing, and studied her reflection in the window. She touched her baldhead with a sudsy hand. All her hair, gone. Anxiety induced alopecia, the doctor had said. She looked like her grandmother.

The last time she saw Grandma Sally she didn’t look like Grandma at all. Xelma was ten. Grandma was laying in a box, dressed in her Sunday-best outfit, a neatly fitting dress of florals in her favourite shades of pink and soft purples on the darkest blue background. There were roses, stasis, bleeding heart, and ginger in her hands and all around her face. Grandma was justly proud of the flower garden framing her humble home. What a magician she’d been, to grow roses in such an unlikely setting. In the coffin, her lovely face was pale and slack-skinned instead of animated and kindly.

Young Xelma’s mind had filled with the white noise of confusion and anger; why had her Grandmother died? What did that even mean? Where had Grandma Sally gone? That empty shell could not be her.

It was weird that she should find herself back here now. She smiled and thought, thank you Grandpa Beaufort, you ill-tempered curmudgeon. Xelma’s mind again filled with the white noise of conflicting emotions.

The hairs on the nape of Xelma’s neck stood to attention. Someone was in her house. She felt their presence. Oh no. She spun around searching the interior of her little home.

In the far corner, leaning on the windowsill with her arms akimbo stood Grandma Sally.


Okay, if you read this far, you have to comment…please…

Ciao for now, Rosa



Cozy Mysteries

Well Hi there, from my alter ego Percy Rose.

First, I have changed the colours etc of my site. What do you think? Too busy? I would like to knock back the colours of the background picture so its kind of like more of a watermark but there isn’t any way to do so. Do you find it interferes too much? Behonest.

I have decided to delve into the stormy seas of  Cozies. I am definitely in uncharted waters, but with the guidance and advice of my sister and Author Dale FurseI am determined to give it a go.  Dale is very modest but has a good knowledge of self-publishing.

Oh yes, I have decided to self publish, I think. Going the traditional publisher path takes ages just to get all the agent enquiries and then submissions, then edits, then printing and distribution. I could be looking at years and years and I’m not getting any younger folks. (I know, I know I don’t look a day over the last time you saw me, but …)

I have done the first draft of the first in a series I’ve titled Beaufort’s Landing. Book one is titled Selma and Donkey.

Selma is in hiding. Her sister gets murdered. Who dunnit?

I have so much enjoyed writing this … It still needs lots of work but time to let some beta, beta readers have a look-see. So I’ve put my pen down for the moment.

I have a question for you should I have a seperate website for Percy or is having me as a tag on to the other me, Rosa Christian, working. I don’t have the foggiest, so help me out here.

I am also trying to change this site to make it more easily negotiable and appealing. So, wish me luck.    Ciao for now, Rosa, er, Percy.

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Hello again!

I decided it was time to write something here and start to become active again. I had to laugh when I looked back. It seems this is turning int an annual blog, just about. Ah well! Lots has happened of course but most of that is of no interest to you. So let me tell you a few things. I have entered masses of competitions, both art and writing, and been rejected. I have sent work off to masses of publishers and been rejected. The latest was a portrait I did for the Perc Tucker Gallery Portrait Competition, it was rejected…didn’t even make it onto the wall…I was dejected. However, I still like it and think it was good enough to make the grade…poo to them…boohoo for me. Here it is.20160211_105019.jpg

If you like it tell me. If you hate it, shut up, I don’t want to hear. Lol! What does one do with a failed portrait? Damned if I know. I have offered it to the subject but he only asked for a photo and hasn’t got back to me yet…maybe it really is that bad. Tough. Out to the shed it will go. The rats can gnaw on him until I turn the shed into a gallery/workshop…or I die, whichever comes first. Calm down, it’s a joke. It is a dark and rainy day here and I’ll talk about what ever I like.

On the writing front, because of the rejections I’ve looked at RIP again and decided to add another twist then to hell with it I will self publish. As Percy Rose, of course. He is being resurrected along side me. Why? I read that one should have a different author name for each genre…apparently…

I’ve written a few poems but not as many as usual. Feeling a bit shaky about them. I am feeling shaky about all of my writing, really. Some short stories have been rewritten, also wrote a couple of short memoir pieces. Yes Lindsay Simpson REALLY.

T t t t hat’s all f folks!  (for now)  Cheers Rosa.

This is supposed to go automatically go to my facebook but is notdoing so…rats…



Townsville Writers’ Festival

Oh hush! I’m not even going to bother to apologise for not writing in this blog for so long. I have no real excuse, or rather lots of excuses and no real reason. So, let’s get straight to it.

I spent the weekend just passed at the above festival, attending talks and workshops, pretending that the rest of the world did not exist except as something to write about. I talked travel on Friday and  again on Sunday (memoir) with my friend Lindsay Simpson, who was my Prof for my masters; I studied poetry with Samuel Wagan Watson who is so inspirational; I went and listened to the Colin Roderick Lecture by Joanne Murray-Smith. ( I will try to find a published copy for you so you can be as reassured as I was that self-doubt amongst many other things is simply one more obstacle to overcome.) I listened to Ian See talk publishing. Hugh Lunn entertained me (and many others) with his stories about his stories.

There were many more talks I would like to have attended but the scheduling was tight. Maybe next time.

I caught up with a number of friends, Phil, Michael, Lori, Lila and Peter among them. Their stories are so interesting. We talked a lot but not enough, playing catch-up.

I also wrote some new pieces which hold promise. Now, that was pleasing!

I would like to thank all the organisers, volunteers, sponsors and presenters for a hugely enjoyable time. Alas, I didn’t take a single photo. I was too busy and to be honest it didn’t even cross my mind.

My brain is still buzzing and my enthusiasm is high. I will try to push ahead and send out my MSS to a publisher soon.

The one I’m preparing is a Sci-fi/Fantasy. YA, I guess, but hoping that adults will enjoy it as well. Is it horribly superstitious not to want to reveal too much at this point?It is, isn’t it? Too bad.

Also thinking that ‘Jenny’s Story’ should go out as well,,,just thinking.

It is hard to concentrate on writing and reading when the cooler months have arrived here in North Queensland. Today, for example, is a gift from heaven. Perfect. And, five more months to go. I’ve just spent five minutes staring out the window.

Sinbad, the dog not my book, is as furry and cuddly as always…Still as silly as a square wheel though.

Ciao for now, Rosa.

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Wanting to write, but…

I have this urge in me to write but for some reason I can’t settle to do that. I have lots of excuses, like the most painful sciatica for the past fortnight and being tired after work and being busy painting and all the gardening that needs doing at the end of the wet and ….. Well, you get the picture. I am feeling frustrated and wondering if it is all worth it. This too shall pass but it hurts to butt your head against a brick wall so often.

I have started plotting out my historical faction…a little. And my alter ego Percy Rose has edited (again) Jenny’s Story. Still waiting for Beta reader 2 (better not mention any names here) to send me her thoughts. I, I mean, he wants to start sending it to publishers before the end of May. Yes, I’ve decided to stick with the pen-name. Sweet, little, old ladies don’t write such naughty, naughty books, so Percy the pervert is born. Look at some of his novel ‘Ruth in Pieces’  here.

As I said I have still been painting, which is my form of meditation and keeps me sane. Here is a little watercolour of Balgal Beach where I live.  Cheers, Rosa.


Art Writing

IMG_5691So my goldfish turned out to be some type of bridal fish, and she doesn’t look too happy about it. The colours in the photo aren’t very true and I couldn’t fix them properly, so close enough will have to be good enough. I fiddled around with the tail/veil too much and am not entirely happy with the effect, however it is reasonable enough to make a pretty decorative piece for someone’s wall somewhere.

I haven’t done any writing again this week, but I did relearn my poem ‘Until Death Us Do…’ and performed it on Friday night at Gail’s Place. Of course, I stuffed it up a little (the memory not being as good as it once was). It was interesting to perform after such along time of doing nothing on stage…good thing there was only an audience of 1. Lol!

I think I have got painting out of my system for the time being and will now settle to writing my next novel. No, it’s not a murder. I thought I would try my hand at historical fiction. I will however, not be holding back if I feel the scene needs sex or violence or, god forbid, both. It will all take place in this part of Australia, North Queensland. That is all I’m saying for the moment. It may never get off the ground, but it is there in my head and I need to put it on paper.

Time to take the dog to the beach, so….see you all later, Rosa.


I’m away with the birds.

Can’t help myself. Here is the Gouldian Finch I have just completed…I think.

This time courtesy of Wikipedia. Missed on his breast colour but not too bad. I would love to say I did this ‘au plein air’ but I’ve only ever seen them in cages. Poor things.


Cheers, Rosa.


Small success and its undercurrents

As some of you will already know I have had a small success, which is always a wonderful way to make one feel that you have at least some credence as a writer. What was it? Oh, My play ‘The Violin Player’ (read all about it here) got 3rd place as People’s Choice in the Sydney Short and Sweet Festival. This does not mean that it will go into the next judging round, because the judges looked elsewhere. What it does mean is that I need to write more, write stronger, write better and so I again sit to scrawl, type, rewrite. The small success is very nice, I can’t deny, but it’s the writing, the bringing to life my characters and their secret lives that I love and want to share. Perhaps I should be more ambitious, put myself forward more, network better (or at least network), self-promote better but what I want to do is write. I figure if I’m any good that will become evident over time. I’m not saying I do absolutely nothing but what I don’t do is spend my valuable writing time distracted by all the extraneous things I am told I must do to get myself ‘out there’. I do what I can when I can, but value the writing above all the peripheral stuff.

That was an awfully long-winded paragraph. I do want to succeed. I do want people to read and hopefully admire my work but…

A friend of mine Anthony Lawrence (a lecturer at Griffiths Uni) has recently written on the topic of “Ambition” go to the web journal ‘Southerly’ here. I took heart from his words and hope they speak to you.

A little more on writing – I am often puzzled that what I sit down to write just doesn’t happen, instead I write completely off topic and my characters take on a savage life of their own. Most people who know me are shocked when I tell them I write of murder and mayhem. I’m more shocked than most. I don’t, necessarily, sit down to write about dark topics it just happens. Honestly! Like the other day, I was a bit fed up with madness and murder and decided my next play would be a comedy. It started well. I got down some funny, well mildly amusing, bits but then…

What is wrong with me?????                               Rosa