The New Year

Well, I am trying to be positive but I have to tell you that it feels facile and hollow to say Happy New Year. Not that I don’t want this for you and all people everywhere but to say those words under the dreadful circumstances for Australia with her bushfires, for Indonesia with her floods and tsunami and the many other problems afflicting our poor Mother Earth, well, the words stick in my throat. I love you all and wish you all the best for the future, I truly do.

There is still hope for us, but so many are determined to ignore the facts.

Let me just say this … Even if you don’t believe the recent devastating events are due to Climate Change, isn’t it still right to look after the Earth? Isn’t it still right to focus on alternatives to industries that pollute our air and oceans? Isn’t it right to find better ways to go forward that don’t involve dismissing and demeaning other people and nations? Can’t we concentrate on helping, and caring for others who are not as lucky as we are? Can we not be just a little kinder and more thoughtful?

I beg you, if you do nothing else in the coming year, please be as kind as you can, as often as you can.

Well, there. I’didn’t realise all of that was going to jump from my keyboard. I am feeling raw. I am safe and well physically in my little piece of paradise, and am so grateful for that.

I was going to write a completely different blog but I guess I needed to have my say.

I will talk again soon.  Ciao for now, Rosa.

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I’m sad and frightened

The horror unfolding around us has me angry, frightened and so, so sad…(The photos are from Rohan Phillips (monkey) Facebook site.


Whispering on the wind a voice paper-thin,
Spectral eyes haunt my daytime dreams,
Skeletal, sinewy fingers choke my screams,
As I struggle to escape the devil within.

The land is sere, blackened, devastated,
Daily we drift closer to the sun,
What’s it matter now who lost or won,
Our beautiful world cruelly eviscerated..

Smoke rises from the acrid ashes,
A Pyre for this arrogant root race,
Civilization obliterated without trace,
Black snow on my nose and eyelashes.

Chilling wind lifts the veil too late,
Unshed tears sulphuric burn,
Sightless I watch the world turn,
A lonely planet I helped to create.

Try as I might I cannot find my voice,
I didn’t speak out when I could,
Didn’t work for the common good,
Being selfishly silent, I made my choice.

I let this happen, I reap what I have sown,
Where have all the flowers gone?
Too late to ever learn, dear one,
In vain I groan, ‘If only I had known.’

Evicted from the verdant garden,
A nomad in a nowhere land,
I search in vain for God’s hand,
In blood-red clouds, his pardon.

My paper-thin voice a whisper in the void,
Spectral eyes haunt my daytime dreams,
Skeletal, sinewy fingers choke my screams,
My complacent calm completely destroyed.

(c)  Rosa Christian

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HI! Whoo hoo!

Didn’t expect me back so soon, did you? …Me either…

So, some good news at last…for me anyway…One of my poems has been chosen to be published in the 2016 Grieve Anthology. It is an old one that I submitted earlier this year and forgot about. Then out of the blue, a congratulations email and please edit and return…Whoo hoo! So I sent it off yesterday. I really needed this pick me up…Our world is a sad, sad place at the moment.

I know I shouldn’t let all the bad news stories affect me but they do! I am heartsick for all the misery in the world and the ascendance of horrifying racist policies here in Australia and overseas. God help us all.

I think I need to step away from the news for a while and give my self time and peace to recuperate in … sigh… I am happy about the above though.

It seems the dark side of my otherwise lightweight self is the one that is having any success. The poem, ‘The Decision’, makes me cry every time I read it and I can’t read out loud because I get choked up. Is that weird? Am I supposed to react like that? It is not about me or mine, but as a nurse I see lots of sad things and people making difficult decisions. When I was young I was able to wade through these muddy water but now that I’m older and have experienced more of life I feel them soak my feathers and try to pull me under. I usually get to the other side but each time it is a little more difficult.

Thank you my friends for buoying me up. I love you all.  Rosa