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Hard at Work

Hi there, I have made it with in a month. Not too bad considering how busy life is at the moment. I have told you Light in Dark my latest collection of poems is available from Amazon Australia. When I ordered authors copies they arrived in good time, but there was a small problem with the cover. There was quite a few emails back and forth. I was reimbursed for the return of the copies, and ordered new copies which arrived forthwith and were correct. So, now you can safely order your paperback copies from there.

I’ve also re-edited Australia…my Heart and Purple Pages and they will be arriving any time now. Thank goodness, because I will have a table with my books for sale at our local Art Exhibition by invitation of the A@RT members. I should say here that I am one of the organisers of this group, but I had no idea they were going to offer me this opportunity. I am very grateful for it.

This will be our 3rd Annual Art Exhibition and we fully expect it to be just as successful as the past two. (Covid restrictions allowing). It is always a great night engendering warm community feeling. I am charge of designing advertising and catalogues. If you are in Townsville area come up and join us. Opening night is Friday 15th October and because the hall is used all week, we are only open for the weekend 16th and 17th October.

On top of all of that I am working on a project, which I will soon uncover but I’m a bit excited about it. Watch this space!

Just before I sign off…some art news, apart from the above.

Some of you will already be aware of this so you can stop reading now. First I have sold a small piece, Blue Wren in Bouganvillea, from West End Tea House and Gallery Townsville. Second, I have a painting, Cocky Miranda, on display in Tyto Gallery’s Birdlife Comp/Exhibition, which is open all this month. Some of the work is truly stunning. You should go and check it out.

Well, I think that is about all for this month. I’ll let you know how our Exhibition goes. Ciao for now,

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Proofing some Poetry

Pround Mama of these 3.

So, I haven’t been doing nothing. Just received these — Light in Dark is my latest poetry book, and the first in around 10 years. It is full of all sorts of reflections on life – I think I need to say, all written before Covid.

Purple pages is a mixture of lusty romance poetry and the problems that ‘love’ can cause. It’s a little bit naughty, a little bit angsty, a little bit difficult sometimes. Not for children.

Australia…my Heart has also been available as an ebook on Smashwords for some time. It was the first book I had printed (paperback). It is my most popular book to date. It is mostly work from when I toured the heart of this great country, along with some other nature based ones.

Both of these, I’ve rejigged for print, but I haven’t altered or edited the text, just the formatting, because they are a product of the times in which they were written, ie about 15 years ago. Yikes! Really!

They will be ready for sale from shortly; as soon as one small glitch with the printing thereof is ironed out.

Artwise, I’m working on a piece for entry into the Tyto Bird painting comp. It is great fun to do this one. You’ll see why when I finish it and put it up for general viewing.

Also, we are gearing up for our A@RT Exhibition, so lots of ads invites catalogues etc to attend to, which I’d better get back to.

Ciao for now,

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Busy…and some art

Hi, this is a scheduled one again just so I have time to recover from my trip and my friends party…

I have been busy and have sent off for some print proofs. One of my new poetry collection, Light in Dark; a new edition for Australia…my Heart and Purple Pages. both of the latter are poetry collections as well. I had to do a new edition of Australia as I couldn’t upload the old one because…formatting with illlustrations. Purple Pages is a small collection of poems on life, love and in all its despair, torment, joy and sensuousness. All are already available as Ebooks, HERE.

I’m pretty much over doing this for the moment… so here are a couple of my latest paintings.

I’ll say ciao for now,

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Okay, okay…

Yes, I know its been a month but…

This fabulous art work is from my artist friend Lynn Scott-Cumming. She works from home and at Umbrella studios in Townsville, where she recently held an exhibitionMoom Phase: chasing trancendence’, of her moon prints, of which this is one.

I’ve been busy, but unfortunately not writing anything new. I have however edited and done the cover for my new poetry collection and it is live as an ebook as we speak. I have ordered the proof and admit I’m a bit excited about this one. Is it terribly ‘up myself’ to say I quite like these poems? I meditate through the muse about this crazy world we live in and our place in it. Light and dark in equal measure. Even though some of them are pretty tough to read, to make up for that others are full of love of nature and some are mildly amusing.

I’ve also been working on a print version of my errrr…naughty poems. This small collection of poetry written sometime ago is already available as an ebook. Though not biographical the poems do echo some of my younger angst. Some of them are a bit tough as well, but that, however, is made up for by ‘oh la la’…lol. Send or read them to your lover…

Why oh why will this image not allow me to link on it? It only has a link to media file. The other one worked fine…sigh!

As always, let me know what you think. Ciao for now, Rosa.

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Art, Art, Art…

Hi there, I’ve been lying low for a bit but just had to tell you that I’ve been involved with a couple of art exhibitions lately. I’ve not won anything but have had the great good fortune to see some beautiful work from amazing artists. I think I mentioned The Percivals a month or so back. This biennial event is always a great place to see great art.

Well, then there is St James Cathedral Exhibition which opened last Tuesday and closes 16th this month. I have 4 pieces looking for new homes hanging there. This is a lovely space filled with not only paintings, but jewellery, sculptures, felting, silk dying etc. It is full to bursting with beautiful thinks, and is an inspiration to all creatives. so if you are in the Townsville region go and have a look. You will love it.

Last night I attended the opening of the Tyto Gallery (Ingham) Birdlife Exhibition/ competition in which I and a friend have a couple of pieces. The Sea eagle above is one of my entries.There were some astoundingly beautiful pieces and kudos to all who have won a prize. There is a People’s Choice prize to be announced after the show closed at the end of this month. You have plenty of time to visit and vote. It is an amazing building which shares its lovely exterior gardens and outdoor artwork with the Library building. You won’t be sorry you visited, so just do it! I tried to find a link but couldn’t (my bad). I will ring around on Monday and see if I can and update this post accordingly.

Next Sat the 15th a group of talented Rollingstone/Balgal Beachkids show the results of a series of workshops they recently attended. I was honoured to be one of the artist supervisors. Well done to all the children and adults involved.

Next month its time for our A@RT (Artists at Rollingstone Team) group to strut their stuff. On the weekend 12th & 13th September. There’s a Car-boot sale on the Saturday as well. Kill 2 birds with one stone and come and check out some great work. There will be a diverse collection of genre and media. You’ll love it. You also get to vote for your favourite painting, a wonderful way to compliment the artists who have put so much of themselves into creating these awesome artworks. Next year we will endeavour to have our own FB page up and running. So much to do and so little time to accomplish it all.

And, artists don’t forget The Strand Epherema is coming up.

I think that’s about it. Ciao for now, Rosa

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It’s done!

Well, my friends, I really meant to speak to you sooner, but have been having a few problems. One of which is getting everything ready to publish my ebook, ‘Death of a Twin’ (Book one in the Beaufort’s Landing Series) written as Percy Rose to differentiate my crime novels from my other works. I am starting slowly. So, at the moment (or as soon as Amazon has reviewed it, up to 72 hours they say), Correction book is now live. You can purchase at the link above. it is only available on Amazon as an ebook. It is $2.99USD, which equates to around $4.66AUD. Sorry I can’t provide a direct link yet.

‘Xelma, a reluctant psychic, is hiding out in tropical North Queensland, under the Witness Protection Program, but when her sister, Charlie, is murdered she risks all to investigate.Detective Ryan Croft fears Xelma’s ex-husband may be trying to warn her off witnessing against him. He finds Xelma’s insistence that she ‘sees’ events highly suspicious, however her ‘dreams’ are strangely accurate. Could she be the murderer? He is increasingly irritated when she won’t stop interfering in the case. She could get herself killed, and him as well.  Xelma is not the only suspect. Jealousy, retribution and greed all provide motives for Charlie’s nearest and dearest.Croft fears the worst when Xelma disappears. Has she run? Is she safe?’

Don’t you just want to run out, er, I mean sit at the computer and buy it? Lol.

I, I mean Percy will be bringing it out in paperback, eventually…no soon, but baby steps. I think it has taken so long to publish because I kept playing around and telling myself it wasn’t good enough, or the cover wasn’t quite right, or anything else I could think of to put off the pressing of that publish button. I’m good at procrastinating. Now that that one is up, I think I will go in and add my poetry books and in a little while the first of my psychological thriller series. I’ll let you know as they go up.

It has certainly been a learning curve. I hope I’ve done everything necessary. What I need now are sales, but just as importantly reader reviews. So, if you do buy and read it please don’t be shy about leaving a review (even if you don’t like it it helps, so I’m told).

Oh, by the way, I did up the cover myself, ’cause I can’t afford to do otherwise and besides I thought it would be fun to give it a go. Please tell me what you think. Making the cover has indeed been fun, and frustrating, and irritating, and rewarding, and a huge time eater. I promise to listen to all comments good or bad and take them on board.

I hope you are all well and surviving if not thriving in this time of Covid. I am quite well, thank you. Life here in Australia is moving into the next phase of dealing with this horrid disease, so I am feeling quite good. How can I not, when the sun is shining and I’m surrounded by such a caring bunch?

It’s after 8pm. I think I need to eat.     Ciao for now, Rosa

P.S. Holy moly, that picture came out big. I don’t know how to fix it. Ha ha!


My Get Up and Go…

My get up and go got up and went….ie I’m not feeling motivated at all to do anything much, though I’m doing ok in the complaining department. Yes, I’m good at complaining so prepare yourself.

As you may know I live in northern Queensland and we have just had an almighty downpour (approx 2500 mm in my part of the world). Two unfortunate young men lost their lives. My thoughts and prayers to their loved ones. One person died from Melioidosis or Whitmore’s Disease (from contaminated flood water read about it here) and 10 others have been hospitalised. Hundreds of houses were inundated and people lost all their possessions.

I, however, was not directly affected by any of the above. The worst I got was a mouldy house interior, because I was at my daughter’s and the house was closed up for the week of non stop rain. Thank god for insurance. I am presently without some furniture and furnishings which the cleaners deemed a health risk. I am so grateful that me and mine escaped so lightly, however I have survivor’s remorse.

I feel so much for those families and communities affected and not just in the suburbs out west it is a mess with hundreds and hundreds of cattle killed and starving. It truly breaks my heart so though I can have no idea of what is happening in those farms and stations, my thoughts are with you. If you are one of the unfortunate I know it does no good to say it but I am so sorry this happened to you. Be as strong as you can be but weep when you need to.

Following the floods we now have a horrendous heatwave. Normally, I can tolerate the hot humid weather that comes with living in the tropics but it’s sooooo hot, I believe I was panting like a dog yesterday. It’s only 10am and it’s 35.1 Celsius. I was going to do some gardening but to hell with that! It is so big and and tall, so overgrown and junglely that I am unable to contemplate it. Besides, I need new non-mouldy gumboots and gloves and Ive been waiting for the building inspector (who’s just this minute left) to come and tell me what I already know — part of my ceiling will be pulled out and replaced and a couple of room ceilings will be repainted. I am glad to have the work done, but again worry about those in dire need and hope my piddling problems haven’t held up any help that they need.

None of the above has anything to do with art or writing. However, I think I feel a bit better for venting. Thank you for your time. I hope your life is treating you well and promise next time I will be a little more interesting.   Ciao   Rosa

Oh, just for fun because its too hot to bother doing anything very active I went to this site You Write Like   to see what they came up with. I put in a few paras from Ruth In Pieces (my crime novel) and apparently that shows I write like Dan Brown…I doubt that. So of course I had to try other pieces of my other writing and alack alas it’s as I feared I obviously have no distinct voice. Here are the results for several different genres.

  • Ruth In Pieces — Crime — Dan Brown
  • Jenny’s Story — Crime — Cory Doctorow
  • Clancy leaves Home — Children’s story — J.K. Rowling (I’ll take that)
  • Sinbad’s Voyage to Da Nan Di — Historical Faction — James Joyce (I’ll defs take that)
  • The Fifth Era — Sci-fi/Fantasy — Anne Rice (Ditto)
  • Uh Oh, It’s Nana Rose — Children’s story — Stephen King (that made me laugh)
  • Australian Morning Song — A Poem —  James Joyce (alllllrighty then)

Bit of a hoot. Give it a go. Now I have to go.      Ciao for now   Rosa





Am I good enough?

So, as you can tell by the above title I am having a small existential crisis. Is my writing good enough to publish? Am I just being big-headed thinking I can write at all? Why do I even need to put it out there?

Well, I don’t know the answers but have found a glimmer of hope by reading other novels. I have read several books recently, I especially loved Miss Lily’s Lovely Ladies by Jackie French. It was an intriguing read, well written with well-drawn characters and a great sense of place. There was an interesting twist near the end (Actually, I guessed the mystery but then I love puzzles) which some of my friends tell me they didn’t see coming.

Presently Im reading a couple of Australian ones ATM Judy Nunn’s Maralinga which is especially interesting as my father was there with the Australian Army back in the day. The other is Di Morrissey’s Heart of the Dreaming. It was her first published book and has some good Aboriginal content. It’s interesting for me to see how she handles this area.

Anyhow, I am feeling a bit more sure that my books are worth the effort and must now save up to publish some hard copies. In the meantime, have you tried Kindle Scout? Did it work for you? I am thinking of putting RIP up but will need to study how’s and where’s more carefully. Drop me a line if you have any helpful hints or just a word about how it all went for you.

Okay, ciao for now,  Rosa

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Justy a quickie…you lucky things you…to let you know that the art exhibition opening is Fri 1st December at Amazing Floors and Finishes at 6:30pm. Please contact Curt if you would like to attend so he has some idea of numbers. Thanks, Rosa

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Back home

Well, here iam back home in Townsville and happy to be breakfasting on The Strand with the view above. You have to admit that view is hard to beat and as good as and better that a lot of places I visited dostellawn south. Having said that I had a great time away (thanks Stella , you’re a stellar friend.)

It is cool and cloudy here today and ppreparations and damn detours are being set up in readiness for the big Airshow over the weekend. I’m actualy here to put my poor little car in for a service. It did a sterling job for my journey but about 15 mins from home I got a flat, not just a puncture but a truly shredded tyre. A call to RACQ and all was put to rights but I arrived an hour later than planned and was completely exhausted…maybe I should give up long road trips….

Now I have to decide what I’m going to do about my research problem. I have one more lead to follow up then I’m just going to go ahead and self-publish anyway.

Yes I know…self-publishing is a difficult row to hoe butI did it for the anthologies of the writer’s group I used to belong to some years ago so I can do it now. I just have to brush up on the whys and wherefores and ta da…

For today I will simply kick back and enjoy a day of leisure while the car is in its day spa.

My god! it’s a beautiful day here, hope you enjoy yours…   Ciao for now,  Rosa.