It’s here!

My copy of Melbourne Books ‘Award winning Australian Writing 2012’ anthology arrived in the mail. My short story, ‘An Alien Life’  is on page 125. Awesome! Nice looking book and full of really interesting stories and poetry. The preface by Mark Tredinnick is worth reading as well. For those here in Townsville it is for sale at Mary Who’s in Flinders St. or go to Melbourne Books

Feeling a little proud.

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I’m hot!!

No, really I am! I am sitting on the back veranda and though there is a breeze it’s not helping much. This heat makes you just want to lie down and do nothing, but I fought off the lethargy long enough to do some gardening this morning. To make it bearable I started at 5:30 am by 8am I was too hot to continue…never mind the wet will come soon and we will all be whingeing about that. It’s still nice and cool on the beach, so long as you are in the shade… Shut up about the weather already!

Writing – I believe in a previous post I told you that I was challenging myself to write one ten minute play per month – well, I just finished December’s and thank god for that. It is very dark, so dark that I don’t know if I’ll ever show anyone else. Having written it though, I am feeling very up and relaxed. Now, I have to get back into “Jenny’s Story”. I’m a bit bogged down there but am spending time thinking about it and trying to get back into her mind, which is a very peculiar place.

Okay that is enough tish tosh for now, see you next time. Rosa