My Get Up and Go…

My get up and go got up and went….ie I’m not feeling motivated at all to do anything much, though I’m doing ok in the complaining department. Yes, I’m good at complaining so prepare yourself.

As you may know I live in northern Queensland and we have just had an almighty downpour (approx 2500 mm in my part of the world). Two unfortunate young men lost their lives. My thoughts and prayers to their loved ones. One person died from Melioidosis or Whitmore’s Disease (from contaminated flood water read about it here) and 10 others have been hospitalised. Hundreds of houses were inundated and people lost all their possessions.

I, however, was not directly affected by any of the above. The worst I got was a mouldy house interior, because I was at my daughter’s and the house was closed up for the week of non stop rain. Thank god for insurance. I am presently without some furniture and furnishings which the cleaners deemed a health risk. I am so grateful that me and mine escaped so lightly, however I have survivor’s remorse.

I feel so much for those families and communities affected and not just in the suburbs out west it is a mess with hundreds and hundreds of cattle killed and starving. It truly breaks my heart so though I can have no idea of what is happening in those farms and stations, my thoughts are with you. If you are one of the unfortunate I know it does no good to say it but I am so sorry this happened to you. Be as strong as you can be but weep when you need to.

Following the floods we now have a horrendous heatwave. Normally, I can tolerate the hot humid weather that comes with living in the tropics but it’s sooooo hot, I believe I was panting like a dog yesterday. It’s only 10am and it’s 35.1 Celsius. I was going to do some gardening but to hell with that! It is so big and and tall, so overgrown and junglely that I am unable to contemplate it. Besides, I need new non-mouldy gumboots and gloves and Ive been waiting for the building inspector (who’s just this minute left) to come and tell me what I already know — part of my ceiling will be pulled out and replaced and a couple of room ceilings will be repainted. I am glad to have the work done, but again worry about those in dire need and hope my piddling problems haven’t held up any help that they need.

None of the above has anything to do with art or writing. However, I think I feel a bit better for venting. Thank you for your time. I hope your life is treating you well and promise next time I will be a little more interesting.   Ciao   Rosa

Oh, just for fun because its too hot to bother doing anything very active I went to this site You Write Like   to see what they came up with. I put in a few paras from Ruth In Pieces (my crime novel) and apparently that shows I write like Dan Brown…I doubt that. So of course I had to try other pieces of my other writing and alack alas it’s as I feared I obviously have no distinct voice. Here are the results for several different genres.

  • Ruth In Pieces — Crime — Dan Brown
  • Jenny’s Story — Crime — Cory Doctorow
  • Clancy leaves Home — Children’s story — J.K. Rowling (I’ll take that)
  • Sinbad’s Voyage to Da Nan Di — Historical Faction — James Joyce (I’ll defs take that)
  • The Fifth Era — Sci-fi/Fantasy — Anne Rice (Ditto)
  • Uh Oh, It’s Nana Rose — Children’s story — Stephen King (that made me laugh)
  • Australian Morning Song — A Poem —  James Joyce (alllllrighty then)

Bit of a hoot. Give it a go. Now I have to go.      Ciao for now   Rosa