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While you wait…

Percy Rose wants you to know that Book 2 in the Beaufort’s Landing Series is well under way, but in the meantime you can find a collection of our short stories and a few poems, all with a dark twist, now live on Amazon.

Death, Danger and Dark Dreams:       Strange stories from a strange mind. Death comes to us all. We fear what is to come and how we will meet our end; sometimes the images are horrifying, sometimes death is bemusing. You will be amused, confused and intrigued, maybe even shocked, but never bored by these bite-size bits. Bedtime stories these are not.

We know you will enjoy our offering, while waiting for Xelma’s next adventure.

Oh and also, anyone who has read Death of a Twin could we ask that you leave a review?Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Just let us know you’ve been there, please.

Percy is finding that the second book is slower to take shape. Is this normal do you think.? Perhaps it’s just that life in this strange new world is weighing heavy. Dark, dark is the night with so little light. The good news is that we have friends, family, a dog and the beach.

Xelma lives not too far from us and she needs your attention, and ours…so, best be off to take care of business.   Ciao for now,  Rosa.

P.S. Has anyone ever tried Macro – Lavender Latte? It is very weird, a strange taste. I had one yesterday evening and slept like a top for the first time in the last little while. I’m trying it again just now, so If I suddenly ….zzzzzzz…

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Poetry Books Now on Amazon…

Just a quick note to let you know the news above: I am sorry about the size of the image. I can’t figure out how to make it smaller here. Doggone it.

So… Look at  me back on social media again…lol. I am forcing myself to break through my fear-procrastination. Therefore, I have put up 5 poetry books, none of which are very recent (though I am working on a new one…watch this space.). They are under my own name this time. Find them here...Rosa Christian.

  • Australia…my Heart is the most recent, first published 2011. I know, right? That was some time ago but I am trying hard to get myself all caught up. Don’t judge.
  • Passing Through – poems that remind us how impermanent our lives are.
  • Natural instinct – Poems based in the natural world.
  • Purple Pages – Adult content poems about Love and loss.
  • Selected Verses – Some of my favourites from the above and a few new ones.

None of them are available in print yet, but soon will be. I just have to go in and re-jig one of them to include the pictures that appear in the original publishing. Doing poetry so it looks all right in the formats is time consuming and drives me a bit nuts, or rather nuttier… Wish me luck.

Ciao for now, Rosa.

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The Percivals

Hi there! Nothing about writing today. I’m off shortly to visit the Perc Tucker Art Gallery in Townsville shortly for a Covid limited viewing of the entries for the Percival Portrait Prize. One of my fellow artists was chosen in pre-selection and a group of us from the beach here are going down to check out all the gorgeous work hung and as a show of support for him. His name is Peter Simpson and his work is ‘Brigot – Lifting for Gold’.

Hello again. Have just got back…by that I mean back home…after the viewing we went to the local Golf Club and had a few drinkies.

Back to the exhibition…there were some truly amazing works there, as you will see if you follow the link above. It was worth the trip. We had a great afternoon. Some of the work I didn’t understand properly and with only an hour to look and not much time alone to contemplate one does make snap judgements. It is all subjective, of course, and what appeals to one does not appeal to another.

And yes, I did enter a couple of pieces…but, alas, they did not pass preselection. It would have been nice to at least be chosen to be hung…ah well, next time, maybe. Truthfully, I am now feeling a little flat. I’ll be fine … no, seriously, I’ll be fine… lol…

Just in case you are interested here they are.

Sigh! Ciao for now, Rosa.