Short Listed!!!

Yaaah! Just heard that one of my short stories has been short-listed (1 of 10) in the Raspberry & Vine Comp. I had forgotten I even had this entry in. Wish me luck! I needed this to give me the kick along for the new year.

My last two beta readers for ‘Ruth in Pieces’ have got back to me at last, so am now editing…again. And a good thing too. Having not looked at the mss for some time it is easier to see my errors…and were there some whoppers! Thank god. I waited and put the script away for awhile. If you are a writer, remember to do this – it is important. I am determined to submit before my birthday in May.

The follow up story ‘Jenny’s Story’ is moving along and much more fun to write. The twist at the end is a killer..’scuse the pun!

In the play writing area I’m feeling disappointed in myself because I didn’t sent a script to the Toowooomba Festival. I almost got there but a number of things stopped me a) the $30 fee  b) having to make 3 copies and bind them without staples, or paper clips (so I guess  plastic display books were the answer   c) the cost of sending the now heavy copies by post  d) having to tie the play up until after judgment in September  e) its been so frickin’ hot here I didn’t want to move let alone write and edit. Ah well, next time.

I haven’t started on my 10 minute for Feb. Don’t even have an idea. Would like to do a comedy…but last time I said that a very dark script appeared. What the? I blame the heat…again and still.

Having said that though, I am flying south on 22nd Feb to see my 10 minute play staged in Sydney. Terribly exciting. I will then go to Canberra to visit family. More excitement!

Well, that’s about all I have this month. See you in March, unless something extra-exciting happens.   Cheers for now, Rosa.