Poetry Writing

Still Possessed

Percy Rose is still guiding my pen, er, keyboard and I couldn’t be happier. I am having a lot of fun. I like my protagonist, a forty something woman who is a reluctant psychic. She is quite eccentric, bloody minded and an expert at Krav Maga, the Israeli Self-defence technique. I hope you will take the time to get to know her when I introduce her to you later in the year. I’m changing the title of Book I but haven’t settled on anything just yet. Stay tuned.

Book II has begun to allow itself to be committed to the page and is developing nicely. I’d like to have Books II and III finished before I put up the first so that I can publish them in fairly short order and be writing the following ones as I go. How many? I have no idea ash the moment. I guess that will depend on how they are received.

I have a question…what do you think about swearing in a book? This series is set in North Queensland and is unapologetically Australian; and we do say Bloody a lot, use Bastard often and Shit frequently. Should I use them less and just salt one or two every now and then or remain true to my characters and have then use the words they would use in reality?

I suppose I’ll have to wait to see what my Beta readers say. Sigh.

When I do release Selma into the world, I have decided to offer, for free, a collection of my death related short stories and poems as a thank you for purchasing her book. I am thinking of calling the collection Murder, Mayhem and Other Weird Stuff. What do you think? Oh, come on, I need help here.

What can you expect in the stories? The unexpected, of course. Some stories are quite dark, some facetious and others just downright well, weird. Here is sample of one of the short, short stories:-


He watches through almond eyes, hooded to hide their extraordinary colour —  one green, the other blue. They, with his strange head shape, should make him stand out in any crowd, but his ability to remain absolutely still, while noting every movement, every change around him, makes him almost invisible. He becomes one with the rock he sits on. Others go about their business oblivious to the darkness in their midst. He is supremely confident. 

He tenses in anticipation. His quarry is near. 

The enemy moves silently, stalking his prey — unaware that he has become the hunted. He moves his head right and left, searching for hidden danger, while closing in on unsuspecting innocence. He is a cold-blooded killer.  He sights his target and, in his turn, becomes still — every muscle and nerve taut.

So totally focussed is he on his victim, he fails to note his unmoving nemesis, fails to sense the slight narrowing of eyes that follow his every move, fails to detect the smoothest of movements, fails to hear the soft footfall behind him, barely has time to acknowledge the shadow of his danger.


His neck is broken.

The Siamese Assassin hefts the body, to carry it back to his master. He sits back, a smug curl to his lips. The Boss, with hands on hips, roars…

“Hugh, your bloody cat’s got another snake!”

I did warn you. Ciao for now, Rosa, er, Percy Rose.


Cozy Mysteries

Well Hi there, from my alter ego Percy Rose.

First, I have changed the colours etc of my site. What do you think? Too busy? I would like to knock back the colours of the background picture so its kind of like more of a watermark but there isn’t any way to do so. Do you find it interferes too much? Behonest.

I have decided to delve into the stormy seas of  Cozies. I am definitely in uncharted waters, but with the guidance and advice of my sister and Author Dale FurseI am determined to give it a go.  Dale is very modest but has a good knowledge of self-publishing.

Oh yes, I have decided to self publish, I think. Going the traditional publisher path takes ages just to get all the agent enquiries and then submissions, then edits, then printing and distribution. I could be looking at years and years and I’m not getting any younger folks. (I know, I know I don’t look a day over the last time you saw me, but …)

I have done the first draft of the first in a series I’ve titled Beaufort’s Landing. Book one is titled Selma and Donkey.

Selma is in hiding. Her sister gets murdered. Who dunnit?

I have so much enjoyed writing this … It still needs lots of work but time to let some beta, beta readers have a look-see. So I’ve put my pen down for the moment.

I have a question for you should I have a seperate website for Percy or is having me as a tag on to the other me, Rosa Christian, working. I don’t have the foggiest, so help me out here.

I am also trying to change this site to make it more easily negotiable and appealing. So, wish me luck.    Ciao for now, Rosa, er, Percy.


The New Year

Well, I am trying to be positive but I have to tell you that it feels facile and hollow to say Happy New Year. Not that I don’t want this for you and all people everywhere but to say those words under the dreadful circumstances for Australia with her bushfires, for Indonesia with her floods and tsunami and the many other problems afflicting our poor Mother Earth, well, the words stick in my throat. I love you all and wish you all the best for the future, I truly do.

There is still hope for us, but so many are determined to ignore the facts.

Let me just say this … Even if you don’t believe the recent devastating events are due to Climate Change, isn’t it still right to look after the Earth? Isn’t it still right to focus on alternatives to industries that pollute our air and oceans? Isn’t it right to find better ways to go forward that don’t involve dismissing and demeaning other people and nations? Can’t we concentrate on helping, and caring for others who are not as lucky as we are? Can we not be just a little kinder and more thoughtful?

I beg you, if you do nothing else in the coming year, please be as kind as you can, as often as you can.

Well, there. I’didn’t realise all of that was going to jump from my keyboard. I am feeling raw. I am safe and well physically in my little piece of paradise, and am so grateful for that.

I was going to write a completely different blog but I guess I needed to have my say.

I will talk again soon.  Ciao for now, Rosa.