Not 1 but 2

Yaaah! I get to brag a little…okay a lot, but hey I need something to improve my mood after returning from my hols to hear I won’t have a job after 31st Oct. No, I didn’t do anything bad, the company went belly up and I am just one of the casualties. Never mind, something will come up.

Now, back to the bragging. 2 of my 10 minute plays have been shortlisted for the Sydney S&S Festival. That’s right folks, shortlisted not wildcarded (is that a word?). I hadn’t had any luck all year now this. What fun! And as a bonus one of my fellow playwrights, Jac Lord, has had 2 of her plays shortlisted as well. That’s 4 plays from Townsville. Who says this is a backwater?

I have to laugh though as both of the plays chosen are very dark. I am obviously not much of a comedian or romance writer as I sent in one of each of these also. So, drama for me…nah, I’ll keep trying to be funny. I don’t get it, people have been laughing at me for years. I am obviously not mad enough.

BTW, did I tell you I have started a writers group here at Balgal? Well, we now number four. Success is my 2nd name. We may be small but watch this space, we are going to…do stuff…like write. We are S.O.B.s (Scribblers on Balgal. What did you think it meant?) So don’t mess with us.

Okay, time to say nighty night! Cheers for now, Rosa.

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Home again, home again jiggerty jig!

So, I’ve been back in the north for 24hrs and it is great to be warm again. I have spent the day at the beach with friends from my work place, so calming, so tiring. Why is that do you suppose?

That is not to say, of course, that I did not enjoy my stay in Canberra. Mostly the weather was sunny if a little cold for me. And, I managed to completely surprise my daughter for her birthday. She cried. Bonus. Lol!

Also, I did a lot of re-drafting of 5th Era (my fantasy novel). I need help from a kindly indigenous Australian and I need to go to the Gympie area to research but apart from that it is coming along nicely…I think.

I am doing a mini internet course in modern poetry with Udemy. I am hoping this will pay dividends and inspire me to to do better. I don’t think my poetry has been terribly good lately. Here’s hoping. As an extra bonus, I managed to write 3 poems while I was away, plus I entered an earlier one into a comp and entered a one-act play into the Noosa comp. Not too shabby an effort, considering I did very little during the winter months. The warm weather vivifies me.

Lucky me, it is a public holiday tomorrow. (Skype me Sonia, if you’re not too exhausted.) In the morning,

I will get out and do some watering and gardening. The grass is brown and tomato plants quite dead but the capsicum and egg-plants have held on and even given me some fruit.

All in all, life is good so now must do some more re-drafting. Cheers for now, Rosa.