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Too much to do

Hi, I am in that place where your head is so full of stuff that needs doing that it stops functioning and cottonwool gets into the works and gums everything up.

I am trying to get 2 separate books ready for separate comps and the computer has decided to throw a hissy fit, and go on a go slow strike. I’ve just rebooted and this at least seems to be working quite okay. We’ll see what happens when I try to publish.

Speaking of publishing…I am trying to get a book cover uploaded to Ingram, using their template PDF. Now, I admit I may not be the sharpest tool in the box but neither am I a complete idiot. I have submitted numerous tries, some of which I know contained errors that were my fault however I’ve followed instruction and corrected everything I can and still have no luck. I wrote them a letter and got a pissant reply that basically ignored my questions. Has anyone else there had this problem. Maybe it is all my fault. Maybe I am an idiot.Oh well, I’ll keep trying. I can be incredibly stubborn, and who knows I might get lucky. If you can help please leave a comment.

I’m also editing stuff for Percy Rose, whose posts, by the way, are appearing on my FB page, Rosa’s Work, instead on their page, Percy Rose – author. The internet hates me.

On a brighter note, my collection of short stories, Forgotten Dreams and other fiction’, should be up on Amazon soon…ish, as will my newest poetry book, ‘Light and Dark’.

On top of all that is the Pandemic and the imminent arrival of Christmas, which I am NOT ready for. Aaarrrgghhh!

What a lot of whinging. Sorry. I’ll be more positive next time I’m sure, and here’s something positive to finish with. The picture above is a commission I recently completed. Please excuse the quality of the photo I always get a glare bouncing back from my oils.

Must be off. Ciao for now, Rosa.